4 Reasons You Need Ceramides in Your Skincare Routine

4 Reasons You Need Ceramides in Your Skincare Routine

Did you know the first line of defense for your skin is made up of... fats? Ceramides are good ol’ fashioned fats that strengthen your skin’s defensive layer, lock in moisture, improve intercellular communication, and so much more.

We invite you to look closer into your skin and what your skin wants when it comes to ceramides.

What are Ceramides?

Often overlooked, ceramides make up most of skin’s barrier function, together with cholesterol and free fatty acids. Naturally present in the epidermis, ceramides are lipids with an amazing capacity to limit moisture loss and protect against damage from environmental stressors.


As the essence of the skin is to provide barrier function, ceramides are quintessential in enabling the skin to perform its function.

"When the skin's barrier is compromised, all the other transforming ingredients like retinol, peptides, enzymes, glycolic acid cannot have the perfect performance." - mentions Swissline Global Brand Director Custodio D'Avo in his YouTube channel The Age Traveller.

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Ceramides act as "cellular hugs" bringing peace to the skin and keeping inflammatory triggers at bay. Lifestyle, UV exposure, the life we live and the world we live in are all inflammatory triggers causing premature skin aging. A strong skin barrier acts like a shield making it harder for those triggers to penetrate the skin and cause damage.

At Swissline, we treat Ceramides as a core skincare ingredient - alongside Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Antioxidants, AminoacidsPre- and Pro-biotics - all the ingredients that restore the skin's barrier and defenses. Ceramides are part of the CORE level of The Perfect Formula Pyramid, developed by Swissline.

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1. Ceramides make up 50% of the skin’s barrier

A depletion of Ceramides leads to an impaired barrier causing a breakdown in the form of inflammation, sensitivity, wrinkles, and dryness. This can present itself as skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, and others, just to name a few. Dr. Marianne Meli of clinic Dermanence in Zurich - a Swissline Golden Circle partner - confirms Ceramides role in protecting the skin:

Ceramides help to strengthen the skin barrier. They play an essential role in skin protection and prevent the skin from drying out.

Dr. Meli of Dermanence clinic in ZurichDr. Meli of Dermanence clinic in Zurich

2. They're your first line of defense

Ceramides are a layer fortifier, keeping pesky pathogens like microbes and bacteria out, giving your skin the best chance to fend off these aggressors at the front lines.

3. They prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL)

Ceramides seal cracks in a watertight way, preventing water from escaping and evaporating off the skin; more hydration means fewer wrinkles! 

4. Ceramides act as master mediators

Ceramides improve inter-cell communication for a more harmonious skin matrix, this is crucial to keeping skin disruptions like inflammation at bay.

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Swissline's Take on Ceramides

When scouring your ingredient list, you often see ceramides together with numbers, as there are 9 types of ceramides. The most interesting thing to know is that the best ceramides are lab-built ceramides created by scientists, to be more bio-mimetic, so they can enter the skin without rejection from the immune system.

"It is a very good example of when "natural" is not always better. To follow skin-identical route, we need a bit of science. The science and the art of skincare," mentions Custodio.

Let’s face it: there are some external factors like aging, genetics, and environmental factors that are out of our hands. With an intelligent skincare regimen, we can (literally) take things into our own hands. With the help of Ceramides-infused formulas, you can boost your skin’s protective defenses.

At Swissline, we offer you two products with ceramides: Recovery Serum and Eye Zone Booster - 2% CAFFEINE + CERAMIDES.

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