Collagen: The Skin's Most Precious Protein

Collagen: The Skin's Most Precious Protein

Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but age and environmental factors can take their toll on this precious protein. At Swissline, we take a comprehensive approach to collagen because we know it's a multi-faceted story. We try to inhibit or slow down collagenases, approaching collagen from every single angle. Here is our approach to the skin's most precious protein:


The magic of collagen lies in its structural powers. Found deep in the dermis and all throughout the skin, collagen makes up to 75% of the skin's dry weight and is vital to the strength and elasticity of not only the skin, but also our muscle tissues, bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

1. Collagen as a Macromolecule

Soluble collagen when used in creams and serums doesn't penetrate deep into the skin but it works its magic mostly on the surface. In fact, soluble collagen is one of the most beneficial hydrating macro molecules along with hyaluronic acid. Hydrolyzed collagen effectively moisturizes the skin and delivers line-filling benefits, and this pure form of solubilized collagen is used in our Luxe-Lift Creams and serums.

2. Boosting Collagen Synthesis and Protecting it with Peptide Technology

Think of collagen peptides as digested bits of collagen. With 'broken' pieces of amino acids (collagen) at the surface, like messengers in a reverse cycle, they induce deeper levels of the skin to signal cellular repair and collagen production. The beauty of this is that the peptides work deeper in the skin and work with your own intercellular elements like Ceramides to strengthen your skin’s barrier. You will find hydrolyzed (as well as soluble) collagen peptides in our Cell Shock 360° Serum formulas which work to slow down collagen breakdown.

3. Collagen in the Perfect Formula Pyramid™

Forming the upper portion of the Perfect Formula Pyramid™, Collagen is a core protein that holds the entire body together. For this reason, it is a serious focus for us! The skin’s resilience, density and uniformity of surface all depend on it. At Swissline, we treat Collagen as a core skin-identical ingredient - alongside hyaluronic acid, peptides, and SOD.

Our Global Brand Director Custodio D'Avo elaborates on Collagen as a beneficial skincare ingredient on his YouTube channel The Age Traveller:

"Collagen is not a surface, epidermis occurring protein. Collagen is much deeper anchored in the dermis, and It's a protein that holds our body together. All organs, all tissues, all cartilage rely on different types of collagen."

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Retinol + Collagen: A Match Made in Skincare Heaven

It turns out another skincare hero has a positive effect on collagen metabolism! Retinol has a unique metabolism and works to protect collagen against its degradation and even boosts its production. To combine both hero ingredients into your nighttime routine, you could drop our Youth Booster with retinol into one of our Cell Shock moisturizers.


Our Cell Shock Youth Booster with Retinol

Boosting and Protecting Your Collagen from the Inside and Out

What can we do to promote the natural synthesis of collagen or at least slow down its demise?

*Vitamin C is the cofactor for collagen synthesis in the human body, so if your diet includes it (fruits, leafy greens!), you’ll be better off!

*UV stress is the number one factor in the breakdown of collagen. Wear your SPF like your collagen depends on it.

*Smoking, stress, caffeine, and pollution are major factors that work to create free radicals in the skin, leading to the break down of collagen fibers.

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Our Cell Shock products formulated with marine collagen.
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