Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

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In a recent survey carried out in the UK and US, over 50% of women and 38% of men questioned about how they felt about their skin, answered that they considered it to be “sensitive”. However none of those who responded claimed to suffer from any specific skin disorder.

Skin sensitivity is no longer only a concern for people with a medical condition, or believed to be caused by products we come in contact with, it is now seen to be a cause-effect symptom of being under attack from a harsher, ever-more polluted environment; a part of the zeitgeist. People feel their skin is more sensitive and reactive as a result of the stress that modern living puts it under.

Added to this, more frequent extreme weather conditions and a knowledge of the ravages that sun exposure can impart on the skin, has led to an increase in the use of traditional sun protection factors in many products. However instead of bringing peace of mind, delicate facial skin can become sensitized by chemical-based ingredients which then tend to irritate rather than bring solace.

Swiss line have recognised and responded to the growing demand for effective relief in this area by formulating two products to de-stress, sooth, calm, counter redness and protect sensitive skin.


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Thank you for your feedback, Florida. Swiss Rescue Treatment can be performed on a regular basis, once or twice a month. After 3 months of regular SPA treatment and regular home care with Swiss line products, you should start seeing long term results. Keep in mind though that rosacea for some people might be a life-long concern and science is still not clear on its real causes. Your skin might also react to some collateral factors in the process, but the aim is to strengthen your skin for maximum results. Thank you, Your Swiss line team
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Hi again, In addition to what we comment I want to tell you that I am using Water Shock milk as a cleanser, anti-Redness emulsion of Swiss line and Aqua Calm CC cream which are so nice! I got the Swiss Rescue Treatment and my face looks calmer and better! My question for you is: How often and how long do i need to get the Swiss rescue treatment in order to get rid of this Rosacea symptoms? Thank you in advance.
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Dear Florida Alihoxha, Thank you for your interest in Swiss line range. We can offer you selected products to smooth down the effect of rosacea while providing essential elements for a stronger, healthier looking skin. For cleansing we would recommend using a gentle face cleanser such as WATER SHOCK Comforting Emulsion Cleanser. It is soft, gentle and non-aggressive. Rinse off with water and don’t use cotton pads to avoid skin irritation. To address oily skin condition follow with AGELESS PURITY 24H Total Pure Serum that purifies the skin and fights impurities and blemishes. This serum also contains a specific anti-redness complex which decreases irritation and signs of discomfort, keeping the skin balanced and under control. Next use FORCE VITALE Aqua-Calm Cream as your moisturiser. This cream is specifically designed for sensitive skin with anti-redness ingredients. It includes aqua-green skin-friendly pigments that create an optical color correction without any masking residue, leaving redness less apparent. For a perfect finish we would recommend FORCE VITALE Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF 30 as skin with rosacea condition needs sun protection without chemical filters. This new generation Color Corrective product, designed for sensitive skin, provides optical coverage including color correction and anti-redness. Please let us know if you have further questions. Kind regards, Your Swiss line team
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I have a rosacea skin condition but at the same time i have an oily/combination skin. what range of products from swiss line do i need to use? Thank you
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