Empowering the Handicapped Community at Foundation St-Hubert

Empowering the Handicapped Community at Foundation St-Hubert

At Swissline, we realize that giving back starts in your own local communities; that is why we are so proud to support and have worked with Foundation St-Hubert in Switzerland's Valais region for the past ten years. As they approach their 60th anniversary this year, we are proud to highlight the great work they do to employ disabled persons and reintegrate them into Swiss society.


Swissline has been working with Ateliers St-Hubert since 2011. Its workforce helps to assemble secondary components for various Swissline products. As region responsible Daniel Bächli nears retirement, we were interested to know what drew him to this work in social engagement and what touched him most during his time at St. Hubert.

Watch the full video of our interview below:

I've been touched so many times by people who apparently have a handicap, and I've come to realize we all have handicaps, including you and me, just different handicaps. I've been surprised many times by other things they can do much better than I can do, that we can do. It's just a matter of perspective.

The Human Touch 

Swissline's primary bulk is produced in a clean, controlled and sterilized environment, however, once the product is sealed, the next step of the process requires the human touch and can't be done by machine. This is where the team at St. Hubert helps complete secondary packaging such as boxing and other elements. While recently at the facility, we were able to see the assembly of this packaging for our upcoming Force Vitale Special Edition Mediterranean kit, pictured below.


We are the only institution that really blends the commercial side with the social side...To give value to the people who work here, it's really something real that's going out, something they can touch and see - something they can be proud of.



Regional Responsible Daniel Bächli

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