5 ways to transition to springtime skin

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Follow our skincare tips for a smooth transition into spring.

Spring is approaching, and while this means warmer, longer days and more sunshine, thus encouraging us to get outside and let our skin breathe; entering a new season has a physiological impact on your entire organism – skin included!

1. Give your skin an extra boost

Try a one-off specialized cure to “renew” your skin’s response to your favourite skincare products. Our Cell Shock 360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program is formulated to give your skin an extra boost of vitality, perfect its levels of hydration, and reduce lines and wrinkles in just one month.

2. Shed the winter away

Although we don’t hibernate in the cold, our metabolic functions do slow down. Rid yourself of any winter dead-cell build-up and switch on spring’s natural cell regenerative process by stimulating some crucial skin functions as well as activating micro-circulation. Our Force Vitale Mild Exfoliating Refiner is formulated with gentle micro-grains to loosen and wash away dead cells while soothing, smoothing and moisturizing the skin. Vitamins encapsulated in macro unispheres are released upon contact with the skin to help stimulate cell renewal.

3. Swap for a lighter moisturiser

Choose a lighter face moisturizer that will provide hydration benefits without leaving your skin feeling heavy and oily in the warmer, moister weather. All Swiss line moisturizers come in different textures so giving you the chance to adapt your skincare routine to the changing seasons. Our Cell Shock Total-Lift Light Cream is a feather-light gel-cream perfect for the warmer months that provides the same powerful de-aging benefits as our other moisturisers, plus a beautiful matte finish.

4. Opt for products formulated for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can become aggravated during spring as more allergens and pollens are present in the air. This can cause redness and make your skin more reactive. Avoid the risk of adding to allergens already in the air by choosing products especially formulated for sensitive skin. Our Force Vitale Aqua-Calm Cream combines botanical soothers and anti-redness ingredients in a nurturing velvety soft paraben-free formulation with an allergen-free fragrance. Our Force Vitale Aqua-Calm CC Cream provides the seasonal glow you are looking for, even skin tone, plus natural, broad spectrum UV protection.

5. Think UV protection

If you are looking for stronger protection from the sun that boasts a “barely-there texture”, and won’t clog pores as it is silicone-free, mineral oil free and alcohol-free, try Cell Shock White Invisible Veil SPF 50 with UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection and added spot prevention and anti-inflammatory actions.

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