Handcare 101: Make Peace With Your Overwashed Hands

Handcare 101: Make Peace With Your Overwashed Hands

Face skincare tends to get all the shine and glory. But let's talk about our under-loved hands for a moment. Thanks to the heightened health caution of 2020, they've been overwhelmed with more water, harsh soaps, and disinfectant more than we can remember. How can you achieve happier hands and still prioritize your health? Read on because we have answers for you!

Why is hand washing so harsh on our skin?

Frequent use of soap and water strips the waxy outer layer of your skin which is essential to keeping in moisture! When transepidermal water loss (TEWL) occurs, the skin gets even drier and the vicious cycle continues.

Two Ways to Protect Your Hands

1. Disinfect to Protect: Hand washing is a super effective way to protect us from getting sick. Hand washing for around 20 seconds is key; soap and friction help lift dirt, grease, and microbes from the skin. Then the water works it magic to rinse all this away. When water and soap aren't available, aim for an alcohol-based hand sanitizer formulated with Vitamin E or aloe vera.

*Don't be tempted to produce a massive soapy lather - more soap doesn't mean more effective hand hygiene. It just puts you more at risk for putting your skin barrier at risk.

2. Protecting your Skin Barrier: Preventing your hands from external aggressors like UV, overwashing, and more comes down to how healthy your skin's barrier is. Madecassoside is a totally-skin-friendly active that helps support the rebuilding of the barrier function and the reduction of inflammatory chain reactions. Hands are more exposed to UV rays than we realize, leaving them vulnerable to signs of aging and a compromised barrier that can lead to dryness. Don't forget to protect your mitts and apply sunscreen in both the summer, and winter!


Once you protect your hands by washing them, it's important to moisturize them again to stop the cycle of them feeling raw and dry. After washing your hands, don't forget to re-apply your cream or balm immediately!

When it comes to lotions or balms, balms are a preferred option for dry skin because they're highly concentrated - formulated without water - and help to lock in your skin's moisture thanks to ingredients like glycerine. Lotions typically have a lighter consistency, formulated with high water base and low oil content.


As an answer to dry and sensitive hand conditions, our newest Make Peace Hand Balm to join our Cell Shock Age Intelligence collection combines amazing actives to address all three important factors for better hand health. This balm feels like a second skin!

Cell Shock Age Intelligence Make-Peace Hand Balm

- Keeps hands protected from all external aggressors, ensuring less dryness and discomfort
- Strengthens the skin barrier function. D-Panthenol and Madecassoside come together to support the rebuilding of the barrier function and the reduction in inflammatory chain reactions. 
- Fights infectious agents with mild and natural sanitizer extract from echinacea


Certain skincare ingredients are innately soothing to help bring relief to dry hands. Our Make Peace Hand Balm doesn't only protect and moisture, it brings relief! This glove-like formula can also be worn overnight as a leave-on mask for the hands. Glycerin provides skin-replenishing and restoring benefits, while the organic aloe vera provides freshness and an immediate sensation of relief.

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