Harmful effects of "urban stress" on your skin

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In the modern world, our lives are becoming increasingly hectic. The lifestyle of active people, especially of those living in highly populated urban areas, may lead to unexpected skin problems induced by stress and pollution. 

Urban skin is attacked daily by gas pollution – sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide, all cytotoxic gases which generate free radicals and damage cellular membranes – while micro-particles – created during the combustion of oil and fuel, as much as from home and industrial dust – cover the skin’s surface with an invisible film that can dull and “poison” it! Constant exposure results in dullness, dryness, fine lines and over-pigmentation, leading, over time, to a loss of tone and firmness.

Good… Better… Best

No skincare company can rest on its laurels in a time when skin faces its biggest challenges yet from climatic change and environmental stress.

According to the World Health Organization, 54% of today’s global population is urbanized (compared to just 34% in 1960). As more and more of us live in urban environments, the awareness of the impact of these surroundings on our skin becomes more apparent as does the need for new effective skincare products, adapted to counteract these new threats.

For over two decades, Cell Shock products have passed the test of time to become cosmetic classics, offering the “best” mix there is of active ingredients in innovative forms to tackle the physical manifestations of aging skin.

And the Best Just Got Better!

Cell Shock has improved its “best” Lifting Serum formulas by taking them to the next frontier – while retaining their original actives – the serums now incorporate botanical biotech ingredients to provide effective shielding from pollution and environmental toxicity.

Lifting Serums Evolve to Tackle the Threats of “Urban Stress”

Cell Shock’s classic Face Lifting Complex and Eye Zone Lifting Complex now include an URBAN-DETOX COMPLEX in addition to their signature skin-revitalizing formula to answer the needs of 21st century skin; enhancing brightness and clarity.

Urban Detox Complex – Combines the Best in Stress Defence

Moringa oleifera is an exotic tree that grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Locals have crushed its seeds for centuries to release their remarkable capacity to purify water. Scientific research has identified that a micro-protein present in the seeds is responsible for this purifying competence and, once isolated for cosmetic use, grants an entirely original capacity: protecting skin against particle pollution. Plus this new ingredient facilitates the removal of asphyxiating micro-particles coming from the environment. This means that particles landing on the skin, no longer “glue” to the surface, making them easily removable during traditional facial cleansing routines. And, even more astonishing, it has proved itself in tests to provide a skin protection effect against cigarette and cigar smoke! 

This is combined with Nasturtium stem extract which mimics in skin how the plant metabolizes the same protein as a “glue” to seal plant wounds and allow plant tissue regeneration, supplying oxygen to the skin to aid tissue recovery.

Test it for yourself in our newly updated Lifting Complexes:

Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II

Cell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex II

And our new Cell Shock Facial Boosting-Essence 


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