How to prevent breakouts, acne flare-ups and shiny skin

How to prevent breakouts, acne flare-ups and shiny skin

Warmer weather in late spring and summer can stimulate oil production in your skin's pores, leading to blemishes, acne flare-ups and shiny skin. To prevent this natural disaster, or stop it in its tracks, arm yourself with skin purifying products and a regimen that will rebalance your skin.

Gently Cleanse & Tone

Kick-start your purifying regimen by cleansing and toning your skin. Apply a toner on oily areas of the skin, such as the forehead, nose, and chin. Water Shock Purifying Toner is a gentle, yet active, alcohol-free astringent toner that supports the skin’s own beneficial bacterial flora and fights imperfections and oiliness without causing irritation.

Use a Serum with Salicylic Acid

A serum that contains salicylic acid, or even glycolic acid or beta-hydroxy acid, can help to naturally dry up the oil caused by humidity, while clearing congested follicles to minimize future breakout activity.

Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Clarifying Serum has what it takes to effectively fight impurities and blemishes. It combines an exfoliating complex with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and papain, to unclog pores, reduce blackheads and minimize marks, together with sebum production inhibiting agents to tackle problematic skin. This oil-free, intensive serum is a real winner.

Swissline Purifying Ritual for oily skin

Exfoliate at least once a week

Loosen dirt and oil in the pores with an exfoliating mask. Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Enzymatic Mask, an ultra-creamy, non-drying mask offers a gentle enzymatic exfoliation that digests dead skin cells (which contribute to clogged pores) without harming healthy, living ones. Skin is left looking illuminated and feeling fresh. The frequency of application varies depending on skin condition. Impure skin with breakouts: up to 3 x week; very oily skin: 2 x week; combination skin: 1 x week.

Swissline Purifying Ritual for oily skin

Moisturize with Enantia chlorantha

To round out the purifying regimen, look for a moisturizer with Enantia chlorantha, which controls over-active oil glands, helping to reduce oily shine on skin's surface.

Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Mattifying Cream fits the bill. The cream contains a duo of tree resins, one from the African tree Enantia chlorantha and the other from a tree on the Greek island of Chios Pistacia lentiscus. Both resins have been shown to have a positive effect on reducing sebum secretion and therefore minimizing, over time, problems triggered by overly reactive or inflamed sebaceous glands. The feather-weight cream effectively targets shine and excess oil, offering a pore-reducing effect.

With this purifying regimen, you can refresh your look and enjoy all summer has to offer!

Swissline Purifying Toner Routine

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