Breaking the Cycle of Poverty with Momentum

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty with Momentum

For the past three years, Swissline has supported Swiss non-profit organization Momentum and their amazing work of breaking the cycle of poverty. The work of Momentum is dedicated to female empowerment, education, and gender equality in Rwanda. Join us in supporting the amazing work these young women are doing in Africa.


Momentum aims to support their initiatives by offering sewing classes and equipment to young women who have been excluded from the community. There are 90 women and girls between the ages of 14 - 20 who are raising their children alone, struggling as they are unemployed and often without a home. These new-found skills will enable them to secure a job in the local community and support their families.

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Meet TURAMYUMUKIZA Alphonsin, 24 years old.

After getting  pregnant when she was 17 years old, she had to stop going to school while she was in secondary school She felt hopeless and without a future for herself and her son.

Joining UBUZIMA (the sewing center) has changed her life. Meeting with other girls who shared the same story made her stronger; Moreover, learning sewing skills while it was her hobby makes her happy. With the support of Muhimsimbi and Momentum, she has been able to provide uniforms and schools material for her son. The project helped her to be trusted again in her community. 

She became one of the team leaders of the sewing center UBUZIMA. She still has dreams such as going to University and opening her own shop to sell what the sewing center is making.


During 2021 on several occasions, Swissline offered a special set handmade by the women of the Ubuzima sewing center in Rwanda as gift with online purchase. We are proud to share their work!

Created in collaboration between Swissline and Momentum Foundation, each pouch represents the empowerment of women and breaking the cycle of poverty for a better future.

We invite you to join Swissline in helping the development of the Sewing Center for Rwandan women and educating the local youth > find out ways you can help Sewing New Futures.

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