Swissline's Training Specialist Shares Insider Skincare Secrets

Swissline's Training Specialist Shares Insider Skincare Secrets

Marianne Longchambon has worked for luxury brands during her nearly decade-long career as a beauty expert. Now, as a Training Specialist at Swissline, we sat down with her to talk discuss her experience with Swissline, insider skin tips, and insights into the world of luxury beauty.

After working with several premium skincare brands in your career, how have you experienced Swissline?

After having worked for many premium perfume brands, and having always found the same schemas, the same strategies and great currents in both retail and training, Swissline has given me an unparalleled feeling of freedom!

There is a great trust between collaborators, a desire to personalize our offer to each partner, and a human-sized, young, dynamic, and reactive team!

Of course, the products and formulas are also a great source of renewal for me, since the active ingredients are the stars, the creation of new products and collections respond to a real decoding of the biology of the skin, and how to transpose it to the modern world, but without ever leaving out the sensory pleasure and luxury feeling.

Marianne Longchambon joined the Swissline time in 2022.

As a skin expert, what is one of the biggest myths you’d like to dispel?

One myth I hear often is that it's important to change products regularly (e.g. every season) because the skin gets used to the active ingredients.

The truth: you have to learn to listen to your skin, to read its signals; if a product is no longer suitable, even though you loved it, it means that a new stage is appearing and it requires a new routine. This stage can occur after a few months, or a few years, because of lifestyle, age, etc...Of course the desire for change, for novelty, is also to be taken into account!

For you personally, what is the most exciting product at Swissline? 

I have not one but seven products! Our offering of skincare boosters, in the Cell Shock Age Intelligence line, is vegan, and addresses the different skin conditions that a city dweller and sleepless traveler like me can have in a week!

Having them at home allows me to transform my established routine, not having to give up a product I love: I add Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, or Retinol on demand!

What is the best part about traveling, being in the field, and seeing the brand work in real time? 

In my job, I always have to keep my mind open to new knowledge, because the world of beauty is in constant evolution, and the world of luxury always finds unexpected ways to create unique experiences. So I always come back having learned as much as I could share! And our partners are especially erudite!

Being on the ground allows me to know absolutely everything about our products, their smells, their textures, and their results... And I feel privileged for that! 

Seeing our partners discover them, and talking to me about what they like, and how they use them is also a great joy. Our new partners are always amazed by the immediate results of our treatments, especially the use of professional products and this is a great point of pride for me. 


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