Why luxury cica is a new path to well-ageing?

Why luxury cica is a new path to well-ageing?

What is "cica" skincare and how can it help your skin activate its own self-repair capacity?

"Let’s invent a new skincare genre… shall we?! Why is that “cica” could (should!) be a new path to anti-aging? What’s the difference between normal cica and “luxury-cica”? How can we create a more peaceful skin environment?" - mentions Custodio D'Avo, Swissline Global Brand Director, on The Age Traveller.

Watch on to learn how to add cica into your anti-ageing skincare routine.

Smart Skin Solutions

Swissline leaves a mark in the skincare market with its Age Intelligence collection – made initially to specifically soothe the sensation of dryness left by peelings, lasers, and dermabrasion – it is today seen as a solution to all skincare needs, in all ages; as it boosts recovery and addresses daily stressors.

All Age Intelligence formulas constitute a way to think CICA as the ultimate path to well-aging, thanks to its self-healing benefits, brought to reality by well-documented and proven pharma-grade technologies.

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