Is your make up removal routine aging you?

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A UK survey reported in the Daily Mail newspaper revealed that a third of British women sleep in their make up twice a week. Scary but true, this practice will eventually age you!

“Not removing your make up leads to an accumulation of environmental pollutants on your skin,” according to a local dermatologist, “this drives the generation of free radicals which contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, which are necessary for skin to remain youthful. These structures naturally deteriorate with age, so we don’t really want to do anything that might speed up this process causing wrinkles and loss of plumpness.”

However, even if you religiously cleanse, tone and moisturize, you might still be doing harm if you are not carrying out your routine in a skin-friendly way.


Be Kind to your Eyes

Leaving mascara on overnight, will not only lead to clogged pores around your eyelashes which could lead to infections, such as the formation of styes, but will also dry out your eyelashes themselves, making them brittle and more likely to break off.

Instead of rubbing and tugging at this delicate area to get rid of stubborn make up, apply your remover and leave it in place while you clean your teeth. This will allow it to break down your eye make up, so it comes away with just a gentle wipe, thus avoiding the friction of rubbing. An added bonus: no more smudges under your eyes in the morning.


Avoid Left Overs

A quick wipe over with some cleanser is not enough to clear all your foundation. If you are going to do the job, do it right and cleanse twice. Otherwise, you could still be leaving a slight layer of powder or foundation on your skin. This barrier will prevent your favorite moisturizer from being able to do its job as its chances of it being properly absorbed are reduced.

Leaving make up on prevents our skin from undertaking its daily, natural exfoliation process, leading to a dull, lifeless complexion. And of course, if you are prone to spots, you are inviting a break-out.

And it’s not only those using make up who should follow a cleansing routine. Even without make up our face builds up a layer of dirt from sweat and pollution during the day. If you leave this where it is, it will block pores, resulting in the same problems described above.



Leaving on lipstick leads to dry, chapped, cracked lips with sore broken edges. The skin on your lips has one of least amounts of oil glands in the body and leaving the lips caked in make up will only make them dryer, so don’t forget to include them when moisturizing your face.


The Finishing Touches

Cleansing is only the beginning. Follow up with a toner, which will not only remove any leftover cleanser from your skin, it will help your skin’s pH balance return to normal, and promote a smooth and healthy feel to your skin.

Choose a moisturizer suited to your skin type – even oily skins need this finishing touch. Moisturizers don’t just moisturize. They improve your skin’s hydration by forming a protective barrier that prevents the evaporation of water and increases the water content of the epidermis, both important aids in keeping our skin feeling smooth and looking plumper.

Swiss line – Here to Help

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