Outsmart Seasonal Skin Stress

Outsmart Seasonal Skin Stress

Switch up your moisturizer

As the seasons change, so too should your skincare regimen. What worked for your skin during the warm and humid days of summer may not do the trick in winter, when the air is colder and drier. Outsmarting seasonal skin stress is the key to healthy radiant skin. Switching up your moisturizer from a lightweight, fast penetrating cream in the warmer months of the year to a rich, barrier-building moisturizer in the colder months makes a lot of sense. But, you need to be smart about it… and ensure your creams have the right ingredients.

In the winter, a moisturizer with ceramides and squalane is a good bet, as both ingredients limit moisture loss and protect against damage from environmental stressors. But you can do even better than that with Swissline’s newest product, Smart Cream Rich.

The velvety-smooth moisturizer includes ceramides and squalane, together with Madecassoside, Ectoin, ATP and NMF to provide non-stop moisture, comfort and protection.

This rich barrier-building cream is the sister product to the lightweight fast-penetrating Smart Cream, ideal for the warmer, more humid months, as it does not include ceramides and squalane, but it has all the other barrier protecting ingredients.


With the launch of Swissline’s newest addition to the Cell Shock Age Intelligence collection, comes a moisturizer with a rich, velvety texture that will envelop the skin with hydration while ensuring the integrity of the skin barrier, even repairing it, if needed.

“Smart Cream Rich is a new take on the original Smart Cream formula. It still has the key ingredients: Madecassoside, ATP, NMF and Ectoin, but it is now available in a richer version with Squalane and Ceramides.”
  - Custodio d’Avo, Swissline International Brand Director

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