Renee Blanchardt

Renee Blanchardt

naturpath & spa curator

Nature-lover, Renee Blanchardt, has long been fascinated by botanical-based skincare treatments and products. Starting out as a massage therapist for Hollywood’s A-listers and Grammy award winners at a Naturopathy clinic in Australia, she then moved on to study Naturopathy and Homeopathy and also curate multi-million-dollar spa concepts at luxury destinations across Asia and Europe. Her latest assignment involved curating the spa concept for Alex Lake Zurich, the new luxury boutique hotel, which exclusively uses Swissline for their facial treatments.

Give us the skinny on the secrets of your success? 

Success is a combination of luck and hard work. Fortunately, I’ve experienced a mixture of both. I landed my first job in 1992 as a massage therapist at a multi-disciplinary Naturopathy clinic which had a client list including Kylie Minogue, Madonna and all the big names from Hollywood and the music industry. I was asked to join on world tours but declined. I wanted to stay at home (in Australia) and pursue my education as a Naturopath.

Since then, I’ve worked in over a dozen countries across three continents working with high profile individuals to support their health and wellness goals and have been featured in The Times, The Mail on Sunday, Vogue and Grazia to name a few. Now I always say yes to opportunities.

After I graduated, I landed a plum role supervising nutrition clinics in London, UK. I also spent some time volunteering in rural locations across South East Asia, which shaped my formative years as a practitioner and as an individual. From here I was invited into some of the highest level destination spas worldwide, working for many years in Asia and Europe including Chiva Som, Kamalaya, and Viva Maya. These were my early years as a practitioner, working with the mega rich and famous.

I was then approached to spearhead and curate multi million dollar spa concepts for newly opening properties, pioneering experiences in the global wellness industry as an independent consultant. Working with 200,000 million dollar projects designing the wellness offerings across 40,000sq meters of spa, was an incredible opportunity for a Naturopath. I love the creative process; having a vision and seeing it come to fruition. Most of all, I love working one on one with my clients as a practitioner supporting them to exceed their wellness goals and improve their life quality. I recently developed the spa concept for Alex Lake Zurich, a brand new boutique luxury hotel on the shores of the namesake lake.

What is it like to spend a day in your skin?

I start my days with warm water and lemon or apple cider vinegar to support liver detoxification and prepare my stomach for food. I make cold pressed fresh juices using fresh ginger and apple, carrot and other seasonal, local vegetables.

I enjoy the simple things in life, and cooking up a storm in my kitchen. When I’m not in clinic, you’ll find me at Zurich Lake most days or riding my bike to work! After living on retreat, I can’t do a commute! In winter I’m in the mountains skiing most weekends.

What gets under your skin?

Share with us your best kept skincare secret or the skincare ritual you can’t live without.

Hydration is key to any ritual. Water makes our cells communicate and perform better. I have always used botanical chemical free skin care. Nature provides us with everything that we need to heal and feel good inside and out. Swissline is the perfect combination of modern science and botanical therapeutics, which is in line with Naturopathic principles that combine ancient traditional arts with modern science.

Skin deep: what’s your Swissline go-to product?

Tell us which of the Swissline products you’ve tried suited you best and why.

I adore every product and the complexity of the formulations. It is intelligent skin care, which ultimately respects the restorative power of nature, which is an ethos that I live by. I love the pharmaceutical grade percentages for added results, especially the augmented beauty range (Cell Shock Age Intelligence) where you can customize your own skin care ritual on a daily basis, from Youth Booster, Recovery Serum, Source Booster, and Radiance Booster. You can use all of them at once!

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