Since both UV-A and UV-B are harmful, you need protection from both. For optimum urban life protection we advise a broad-spectrum formula with a minimum SPF of 30, ideally higher. Nowadays at Swissline, we formulate only with SPF 45 or SPF 50. Are we clear about what we think the right levels are?!

UV filters fall into two broad categories: chemical and mineral. Most UV filters are chemical. They form a thin, protective film on the surface of the skin and absorb the UV radiation before it penetrates the skin. Mineral filters are insoluble particles that reflect UV away from the skin. While the latter tend to be favoured by dermatologists because they are better tolerated by sensitive skin, the former tend to offer a better cosmetic feel as they are more invisible and lightweight.

At Swissline we aim to offer you a choice of different SPF options and different filters in terms of use and added benefits, while formulating them all as “veils”, as opposed to heavier creams, lotions or emulsions. Why is this relevant? With these veils, you can apply them after your daytime skincare – as you would do with any other SPF – but you can also mix them into your daytime care before application.

Double application of the SPF doubles your protection! We know this … and we are proud of it.


At Swissline, we believe in the endless self-recovery potential human skin has, and because of this we also believe that intelligent skincare should work with skin, never by-passing it. Explore our pyramid of skincare ingredients, offering you a clear and deep understanding of what makes sense in skincare.


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