International Women's Day: Supporting Momentum Foundation in Rwanda

International Women's Day: Supporting Momentum Foundation in Rwanda

Over the past five years, Swissline has supported the Swiss non-profit organization Momentum and its amazing work of breaking the cycle of poverty. The work of Momentum is dedicated to female empowerment, education, and gender equality in Rwanda. Join us in supporting the amazing work these young women are doing in Africa.


Momentum aims to support its initiatives by offering sewing classes and equipment to young women who have been excluded from the community. There are 90 women and girls between 14 - 20 years of age who are raising their children alone, struggling as they are unemployed and often without a home. These newfound skills will enable them to secure a job in the local community and support their families. 

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Momentum is happy to announce that the second group of 15 girls has since graduated. There is now a total of 45 girls who have been trained and have the skills for sewing. Basically, this is half of the group from the project "Sewing New Futures". Unfortunately, things had slowed down because of Covid-19, lockdown, and social distancing. We are happy to report that things are slowly returning back to normal with the second group now being trained.
Agnes is 19 years old and her baby girl, Akariza Ange Noella is two years old. 

"It was a hard time for me within my pregnancy after l had my baby, MUHISIMBI integrated me into a big community. It was great to meet the others who were in the same situation as me. I was happy when the Muhisimbi staff talked with my family and my family accepted me back into my family! The plan is to use the skills l received from Muhisimbi to support me and my child! Thank you for changing my life." - Agnes Dusabirane


The long-term objective for the graduated girls is to get enough work to be financially independent. Tourism is an important part of their business plan.

Swissline has partnered with Momentum since the beginning of the project. The donations from the first two years have mainly been dedicated to subscribing to the medical insurance for the 90 girls and the group, as well as contributing to paying the rent for the house where the girls were trained. Last year, the group was able to organize themselves as a cooperative. Co-founder Shera Lesueur talked to Swissline about Momentum's Mission. 

This is very important that the girls can really work on projects, that they see the money of their work and not only donations. The "sewing new futures" project is about giving them back their dignity and hope after all the challenges they have gone through.



During the month of March, we are offering you a special hand-made set, created in collaboration between Swissline and Momentum Foundation.

Each pouch is handmade by the women of the Ubuzima sewing center in Rwanda and represents the empowerment of women and breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Your gift includes an Exclusive hand-made pouch created in collaboration between Swissline and Momentum, Four best seller samples.

We invite you to join Swissline in helping the development of the Sewing Center for Rwandan women and educating the local youth > find out ways you can help Sewing New Futures.

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