Swissline partners with Switzerland's newest luxury resort

Swissline partners with Switzerland's newest luxury resort

The breathtaking Bürgenstock Resort perched in the mountains above Lake Lucerne is a unique hotel complex, renowned for its elegant blend of modern architecture and the glamour of the Art Nouveau period. Creating a bridge between the past and present, it offers the ideal background for magical experiences.

Its newest spectacular Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, complete with a 45,208-square foot medical facility and a 13,993-square-foot spa, is the perfect partner for Swiss line, a renowned anti-aging Swiss skincare brand with impeccable clinical origins, scientifically proven results, and undeniable glamour.


“The Waldhotel’s alpine glamour and state-of-the-art medical facilities embody Swissline’s “GLAMSCIENCE” brand positioning,” explains Swiss line CEO, Christophe Lesueur. “We believe science without glamour and glamour without science fall flat, but together they are the ultimate combination… and Swiss line and the Waldhotel both exemplify that.”

"At the Burgenstock Resort we take a holistic approach to skincare, with medicine and cosmetics both playing an important role. An open dialogue between the dermatology department in the Waldhotel's Medical Center and the aestheticians in the Waldhotel Spa facilitates the best care for our guests. The spa treatment lines have been carefully selected to complement medical care. For example, Swissline's "Swiss Virtual Surgery" facial is particularly useful as part of a post-treatment regimen following a non-invasive procedure such as microdermabrasion, injectable fillers, laser or chemical peels, as key ingredients aid in the skin rejuvenation process." - said Dr Ahmad Jalili, PH.D., Head of Dermatology and Venereology Department, Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence.


The Waldhotel Spa offers Swissline facials using professional products from three of the brand’s product ranges: Cell ShockCell Shock White and Force Vitale, while the retail area sells consumer products from those ranges. Emboldened by science and infused with glamour, our advanced facial treatments offer discerning women not only measurable results, but luxurious experiences to last a lifetime.

Swissline Cosmetics


This skin-transforming treatment revolves around a “Virtual Mask” that aids in the delivery of the ingredients to the face and eye area. Boosting skin cell regeneration and cell turnover, this effective treatment is a must before or post an aesthetic procedure, as it strengthens and recovers.


Luxe treatment that plumps and fills-in lines and wrinkles. For face neck and décolleté, fortified with a highly concentrated combination of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid to increase moisture retention, stimulate fullness, and firm the skin.


Radiance-enhancing, this treatment begins with an intense cleansing and exfoliation helping to minimize the appearance of uneven skin tone. Micronized diamonds are used in combination with arbutin and vitamin C to treat skin discoloration, even the tone, and brighten the complexion.


A “recalibrating facial,” it controls oil and targets impurities. A high concentration of activated charcoal and ivy extract are used to detox the skin while calming irritation and redness. The treatment deeply balances the skin and leaves it beautifully matte for hours.


Ultra-soothing treatment to comfort and nurture. Tailored for sensitized and reactive skin, it naturally oxygenates and minimizes facial redness linked to dilated blood capillaries. The ideal choice following dermatological treatments that may have caused temporary irritation or redness.



Bürgenstock Resort is now part of our Golden Circle - the “little gold book” of handpicked haute couture medi-spas and medical clinics, where science and glamour effortlessly come together as one.

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