With a moisturizer being an absolute essential when it comes to skincare, Swissline is thrilled to have won a Silver Beauty Bible award in this very important category of “Moisturizer-Day” for Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing Cream.

These awards really mean something, as it is not about currying favor with a particular journalist or influencer, as the winners of these awards are determined by a group of real women who diligently test all the products for a period a weeks – and sometimes months – and then submit their reviews to Beauty Bible who tallies the results and then reveals the winners. 

Sarah Stacey & Jo Fairley, Joint Editors Beauty Bible, explain why Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing Cream won this award.

Well, you had us at the promise in the product name – and a raft of other consumers we’d wager. But, of course, Beauty Bible Awards are never just about the claims but how a product performs in real life, with our diligent and discerning tester panels putting every product through their paces over time and reporting on their findings. And this proved, in the words of one tester, ‘an incredible moisturizer’, fully deserving its Award in a crowded category.

Day moisturizers are, as we always say, the Little Black Dress of your skincare wardrobe. And this all-in-one face and neck product comes with the equivalent of a string of softly luminous pearls, according to our testers – think the Grace Kelly of day creams. 

These skincare staples have a portmanteau of tasks, all of which we ask testers to comment on: as well as obviously moisturizing we ask for lovely texture and ease of application to a sense of comfort through the day and – also very important indeed - providing a perfect base for make-up. As this product was designed for mature skin, all our testers were in that age bracket and, well – to put it simply, they raved about it.

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This tester’s Comment summed up the reviews:

‘I have normal maturing skin with fine lines and occasional dryness/redness on cheeks. This was DIVINE from the first use: my skin texture seemed to visibly improve and felt soft and healthy. It gave my skin a lovely glow – slightly dewy, definitely youthful and wonderfully light reflecting. This provides a perfect base for make-up and my base looked flawless.’ 

Encouragingly, this was no one-day wonder. Testers found the benefits accumulated over the weeks they used the product:

The hydration element is brilliant for my dry combination skin. It feels smoother and looks clearer, so I need less make-up. It’s a fabulous product, feels amazing and gives radiant skin and confidence’.

You truly can’t get much better than that. Many congratulations to Swissline for formulating a product that, from our independent trials, absolutely lives up to its promises and justifies the investment.

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