Teamwork: The Fabric Of Life

Teamwork: The Fabric Of Life

Momentum & Swissline united in support of women

International Women’s Day, March 8th, is a celebration of the social, economic and political achievements of women, as well as a call to action to see what we can all do to further advance women’s equality around the world.

Last year on International Women’s Day, Swissline announced our partnership with Momentum, a Swiss non-profit organization dedicated to female empowerment, education and gender equality in Rwanda. Given Swissline is all about empowering women, it couldn't have been a better fit. We kicked off the partnership in 2019 by donating 10% of sales from our webshop during the month of March to Momentum… and now, with your help, we will do it again this March!



Muhisimbi Voice Of Youth in Conservation

But, first we wanted to share with you the impact of our partnership so far. One of the projects Momentum supports is Muhisimbi Voice of Youth in Conservation, a lifeline for vulnerable teenage mothers. It aims to protect young women, and assimilate them into their local community by sponsoring vocational training, such as sewing classes, that enable them to make a living.

“The project started with a few sewing machines and 1 house in early 2019,” explains Shera Lesueur, one of the four founders of Momentum. "Now, it has taken over a much bigger space, has 34 sewing machines and has helped 90 women aged 14-20 access healthcare, secure the basic necessities they didn’t have before, learn to sew so they can provide for themselves and their families, regain their confidence and give them hope for a better future."

One Story at a Time

One young woman who has directly benefitted is Chantal. She became an orphan at age 10 laden with the responsibility of taking care of her brothers and sisters, and then became pregnant as a teenager.

“Muhisimbi opened my mind that l can do anything to develop myself and my family! After Muhisimbi entrepreneurship talk l decided to start my small business of selling greens in my village!! And now in my village some neighbors give me the destroyed clothes and I fix them. Sewing now is my future goal!” - Chantal

"We are proud to count Swissline as a sponsor, and its clients have contributed to the fantastic success of this program,” says Shera Lesueur.

Please join us to celebrate International Women’s Day and empower these women together. Let's build a better future for all! Here’s to the sisterhood!

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Swissline will donate 10% of the proceeds from your online purchases during the month of March to help the development of the Sewing Center for the Rwandan women and educate the local youth. 

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