The amazing benefits of Moringa tree seeds

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Have you heard about Moringa tree seeds? They are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C and have incredible purifying and detoxifying properties. An essential ingredient in our «Urban-Detox» Complex, specific protein fractions from Moringa seeds help shield skin from environmental pollution.

Miracle plant 

Moringa oleifera, also referred to as a miracle plant, is an exotic tree that grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas, especially in Africa and Asia. The indigenous populations found out that when crushed these seeds have a remarkable capacity to purify water, particularly from rivers, making it safer for human consumption. Watch this video to see the astonishing properties of these seeds in action. 

Cosmetic use

Further research has identified that a micro-protein present in the Moringa seeds is responsible for its purifying capacity due to its binding effect between the protein and substances producing certain gases; in the case of river water, the gases from decomposition and decaying of organic material, bacterial infections, etc. 

Once isolated for cosmetic use, the proteins from Moringa seeds grant an entirely original capacity: they protect the basal layer cells from the aggression triggered by environmental gases. Another unexpected effect is how they facilitate the removal of asphyxiating micro-particles coming from the environment. This means that particles landing on the skin, no longer “glue” to the surface, making them easily removable during traditional facial cleaning routines.

"Urban-Detox" complex

The results have demonstrated that the application of a lotion containing Urban-Detox Complex protects the skin against particle pollution and makes the cleansing ritual easier and more effective.

Even more astonishing, this new ingredient has also proved, ex vivo, to provide a skin protection effect against cigarette and cigar smoke! 

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