How To Prep Your Skin For A Star Makeup

How To Prep Your Skin For A Star Makeup

Makeup Artist to the Stars, Mario Dedivanovic

With an A-list roster of clients, including bestie Kim Kardashian, Kate Bosworth and Salma Hayak, a co-branded makeup collection with Kim, as well as a co-branded makeup brush collection with beauty emporium, Sephora, it’s no wonder Mario Dedivanovic has the star power to attract hundreds and hundreds of makeup enthusiasts to his renowned Master Classes around the world.

Swissline has sponsored many of his classes, including the most recent one in NYC, where Force Vitale Bloom Flash – the ultimate hybrid beauty product – was included in the covet-worthy gift bags.


For all his success, Mario really is a very humble, likable guy, keen to support the industry he loves. In NYC, after greeting attendees with a warm namaste, he got right to work on his model, sharing tips with the audience as he progressed. This is what we learned…


Mario likes to work with the eyes first, and then prep the skin.

Eye Brows: Mario brushes every model’s eyebrows. When filling in a red head’s eyebrows, as was the case with Stephanie Cam, his model at the NYC event, he never uses a red eyebrow pencil, instead, he always uses a soft brown pencil.

Under The Eyes: Mario recommends using more concealer under the eyes and less by the outer wrinkles/crows feet.

Eye Lids: Mario likes to create texture on the eyelids and then blend eye shadows. If any sparkles from the shadows get on the face, he uses scotch tape to remove them.

Eye Lashes: For a natural, full lash red carpet look, he applies mascara and then 20 individual lashes to each eye. After applying the eyelashes, he lines the eyelids along the lashes.

Swissline Eyecare Tip: To minimize wrinkles around the eyes, use 360 anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone SerumEye Zone Booster and Youth Inducing Eye Cream.



Mario always uses a very rich moisturizing cream on his models before applying the foundation. He relies on a beautyblender to give the foundation a flawless finish. After foundation, he likes to contour the skin.

Mario applies blush above the apple of the cheek, and then uses a powder highlighter followed by a magical liquid illumination.

Swissline Facial Care Tip: For a rich moisturizing cream, nothing is better than Luxe-Lift Rich Cream. When applying the foundation, mix in a few drops of Bloom Flash into the foundation for a healthy glow.


Mario asked the audience if he should complete the makeup application with his typical signature nude lip. Nope. The audience asked for a red lip, and Mario obliged, but admitted drawing a red lip is difficult. The trick is to line and colour the lips using a red lip pencil.

Swissline Lip Tip: Use Lip Zone Protective Complex to smooth, moisturize and firm the lips while plumping and filling-in the lines and wrinkles around the lips.


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