How to de-stress your skin in 3 simple steps!

How to de-stress your skin in 3 simple steps!

Follow our step-by-step guide to recreate the professional spa-grade facial treatment in the comfort of your own home. It is the perfect antidote for these crazy times and is suitable for all skin types in need of recovery and restoration.


Taking care of our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is essential. You must do whatever it takes for self-preservation: pull up the duvet and sleep that little bit longer; take a yoga class on Zoom; enjoy a glass of wine; read a good book; binge-watch your favourite TV series, and definitely pamper your skin!

This Swissline De-stressing Recovery Facial Treatment will calm and soothe sensitive, reactive skin, minimize facial redness and dilated blood capillaries, leaving the skin fresh, clear, and calm.

Swissline Cleanser Skin Recovery


STEP 1: Cleansing

This is the first step to beautiful skin and the optimal preparation for the treatment to follow.

Gently massage Comforting Emulsion Cleanser over the face to remove makeup and impurities while decongesting the skin. You can use a cotton pad to gently wipe off the cleanser or rinse-off with water.

Tone the skin with Soothing Lotion. This gentle, botanical, alcohol-free toner soothes and smooths the skin, reducing redness as it removes the last traces of make-up.

Swissline Cleanser Toner


2. Application of Face and Eye Mask

During times of stress, it can be hard to get the shut-eye we need as our thoughts race around making sleep an elusive reality. The Magic Eye Mask won’t solve that problem, but it will instantly transform your eye contour, reducing puffiness, brightening, and firming the under-eye skin so at least you don’t look as tired as you may feel.

This mask comes with an ergonomic cooling-applicator facilitating a sleek and precise application. Apply a very thin layer and allow to set for 15-20 minutes.

As the eye mask is setting, prepare to apply the Hydra Soothing Mask by gently warming it up between your fingers or using a special brush. Enriched with Swiss alpine botanical extracts, the luxurious “milk” of the iris flower, and cucumber extracts, this soothing mask will hydrate and soothe the skin while banishing any signs of dryness and tightness, leaving you with a glowing complexion.

Envelop your face in this creamy cocoon of goodness by smoothing an even layer of mask onto the face and neck and allow it to set for 15-20 minutes (while the eye mask is on). After the designated time, gently remove the excess from both the eye mask and the facial mask with a soft tissue, or rinse off with cool water.

Swissline Calm Skin


3. Completion of Facial with Recovery Products

Bring this pampering treatment to an end with some of Swissline’s best recovery products, including Aqua-Calm CreamCorrective Eye Cream and Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF 30.

Enjoy our bonus curated playlist to help your mind unwind.

Be sure to shop here for any products you may need for this treatment. And, when life is finally back to normal, you will be able to put your best face forward!

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