Swissline's Product Guide for Sensitive Skin

Swissline's Product Guide for Sensitive Skin

Bring Calm to Your Skin Once and For All

If you've ever had to deal with sensitive skin, you know that the discomfort and appearance of irritated skin can be disheartening. Swissline has just the right formulations to help ease the discomfort of your reactive and sensitive skin! Read on.

Did you know? According to a recent study, ∼60–70% of women and 50–60% of men report having some degree of sensitive skin. Simply put, skin sensitivity and reactivity occur when the nerve endings in the top layer of the skin become irritated. When the skin's barrier is compromised, you can say hello to immune reactivity.

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Aqua-Calm Duo for Sensitive Skin

Your Must-Have Moisturizer

Aqua-Calm CreamFormulated with Centella Asiatica and plant ceramides, our velvety soft Aqua-Calm Cream calms sensitive skin, minimizes irritation and redness, and also helps strengthen the barrier function.⁠ 

The Serum You Need for Sensitive Skin

Our newest addition to the Force Vitale family, the Oil-in-Serum is a bi-phase oil-in-serum that keeps sensitive skin more comfortable by strengthening the skin barrier function and imparting hydration and luminosity.⁠ Formulated with calming botanicals, it's a savior for sensitive skin and a meditation for turbulent times and skin.⁠ It's an answer for skin that can't tolerate a slew of active ingredients.

How to Use: Combine both (day or night) for a powerful yet gentle approach to sensitive skin.⁠⁠

Our Aqua Calm Cream (left) and Aqua Calm Oil-in-Serum (right)

Recovery Serum for A Better Barrier

At Swissline, we know that sensitive skin states can also be brought on by external factors such as sun exposure, aesthetic procedures, periods of high stress, etc. Our urban lifestyles can cause a compromised barrier and inflammatory states. Our Recovery Serum is heaven for your compromised barrier, helping to revitalize tired, dull skin with hero inflammation-fighting ingredients such as Madecassoside and peptides.

How to Use: Apply a few drops over face and neck before your usual skincare, and after cleansing and toning. Customize the ritual by mixing in one or more Cell Shock Age Intelligence™ boosters, targeted to your individual skincare needs, into the serum.

Peace Booster (5% Niacinamide + 2% Tranexamic Acid)

Many of us are feeling discomfort from wearing masks all day. Our Peace Booster is a concentrated booster that will soothe irritated skin. For those with redness, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and acne-prone skin, you'll be impressed with our Peace Booster formulation that targets the visible signs of skin sensitivity, even those associated with pigmentation.  

Tranexamic Acid: This hero ingredient works wonders to address post-inflammatory states such as over-pigmentation sun exposure, acne-fighting therapies, and laser treatments. To improve redness and pigmentation due to melasma and age spots, tranexamic acid is the answer! 

Niacinamide: also known as Vitamin B3, niacinamide boosts the skin’s production of ceramides, which in turn helps to prevent moisture loss and damage from environmental stressors.

How to Use: It can be used AM/PM and mixed into your usual serum and cream.

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