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American entrepreneur in Zurich, Angelica Cipullo, on creating your own success.


"When you meet someone and you're drawn to them.
You can't stop thinking about them even when you don't know them.
Something about them just sparks something down deep.
They fascinate you."

Co-founder of Girlfriend Guide, Zurich, successful entrepreneur, fascinating woman and a mother of three, Angelica Cipullo shares her story with us. 

Give us the skinny on the secrets of your success? 

Girlfriend Guide was created shortly after I moved to Zurich. I met a creative and intelligent young lady, Deja, and we immediately shared the same energy, excitement and passion for helping women explore the city of Zurich and adding an entrepreneurial adventure to our lives.

I had spent years working in the corporate world and it was my first time starting a business – I went from being one of a hundred in an office, to Deja, myself and our MAC computers hopping from Zurich café to café, juggling all the components necessary to launch – we suddenly became the Marketing Department, Sales Department, Editorial Department, Finance Department and IT Department all in one!

Since we first met over a pot of Mint Tea in 2011, we’ve now expanded to feature a Monthly Newsletter, Social Media, Lifestyle Blog, Events Calendar, City Guide and have presented at numerous integration programs including TEDxYouth Zurich, Mums in Heels, the Professional Women’s Group and will soon be presenting at the Switzerland Tourism Vacation Days. 

It’s taken a bit of luck and lots of hard work to get where we are today, and we’re very thankful that so many talented women have joined our team and that the city of Zurich has been welcoming to us.  We’ve been able to grow faster than we can type… and hope to expand to more cities in the future! 

What is it like to spend a day in your skin? 

My skin gets lots of grabbing and pulling from my little monsters – ages 5, 2 and almost 1 – my days (and nights) are crazy busy and quite unpredictable.

My face needs a HUGE splash of water in the morning to wake up and my little divas love playing princesses with my skincare and cosmetics.

What gets under your skin? 

Sleep and healthy eating can do wonders for your skin! 

Skin deep: what’s your Swiss line go-to product? 

I’ve recently tried the latest Cell Shock products in the evenings (Cell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex II and Cell Shock Facial Boosting-Essence). When I woke up, my face felt smoother and the under eye circles were less severe. Not being a Swiss native, I love discovering “all things Swiss” and strive to purchase locally-made products.  

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Created for all women living in Zurich, Girlfriend Guide is dedicated to helping women IMMERSE themselves into their community, EXPLORE all that Zurich has to offer and SHARE their tips with other women.


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