Under my skin series - Mimi Mollerus

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Swiss fashion accessories entrepreneur on what it's like to run a family business.


"When you meet someone and you're drawn to them.
You can't stop thinking about them even when you don't know them.
Something about them just sparks something down deep.
They fascinate you."

Give us the skinny on the secrets of your success?

Growing up I was always fascinated by my father's company, Maison Mollerus, which he founded in 1984. Over the years I have watched him strive to produce quality all-Swiss bags – a value I still hold dear to my heart today. So I guess l somehow knew that the family business was my true calling – or perhaps a more colorful and modern version of it – but it was important to me that I also gained outside experience. That’s why when I finished school I decided to take up an apprenticeship at a women’s fashion company called Comma in Germany. After that I went on to obtain a MBA in International Business and Marketing in the US. Since then I have worked at Maison Mollerus – for over ten years now – with breaks only to have my two children and to work at the luxury watchmaker IWC.

I believe it is important to be open-minded because only then can you find your way back to you, your passion and zest for life. My designs reflect my, what I like to think of as a, sunny disposition. Our bags continue to be of supreme quality, using mostly local materials, but with an amusing and vibrant flair to them too. That’s the fun part. That’s what I enjoy. It’s especially inspiring on the odd occasion I get to reflect and recharge, taking time out to do Mimi things, such as visit a spa.  

What is it like to spend a day in your skin?

Well, it’s hectic! I juggle the business and our family simultaneously. But I would say that it is an energizing hectic and on a good day it starts with a large glass of warm water with lime and a run. I try to live well and I start my day early to manage all that I need to. That little “me” time is quickly followed by the school run, daily business, meetings, grocery shopping, cooking, storytelling and finally with a little chilling. There is no time to think, I simply “do”, “go… go… go”.  Busy suits me. I live life to the full. 

What gets under your skin?

No matter how busy or how lacking in time, I never fail to take off my make-up at the end of the day before loading up on a good overnight mask. I moisturize daily and never fail to leave the house without sun protection. 

Skin deep: what’s your Swiss line go-to product?

I think I have tried nearly every Swiss line product by now. My absolute favorites – can’t live withouts – are the Force Vitale Aqua-Calm CC Cream SPF 30Cell Shock Total-Lift Day Cream SPF 20 and Cell Shock Total-Resurface Overnight Cream.

Mimi Mollerus is the CEO of luxury fashion accessories business Maison Mollerus founded in Switzerland by her father, Ernst Mollerus, in 1984.



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