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Hollywood actress Nazneen Contractor on what it's like to live in the spotlight.


"When you meet someone and you're drawn to them.
You can't stop thinking about them even when you don't know them.
Something about them just sparks something down deep.
They fascinate you."

A mother, Hollywood actress currently starring in Ransom TV series, avid runner and a stunning woman, Nazneen shares her story and beauty secrets with us.

Give us the skinny on the secrets of your success? 

I’ve been performing since I was four years old. After ten years of classical ballet training I pursued a career in acting in my late teens. I was immediately addicted. Throughout the years, I’ve been lucky enough to star in plays, films and television. I believe that performing was something I was born to do. It called me from a very young age. The secret to it all is persistence and perseverance. It’s an industry with no safety net and certainly not for the faint of heart. But if you love it and you want to continue to improve and push yourself, it can be possible.   

What is it like to spend a day in your skin? 

I’m married to a wonderful man and we have a five year old son.  A typical week day starts before 7 am. We’re all up together, I set up all the fixings for breakfast the night before and my husband (who is not only an amazing actor but also an incredible chef) makes breakfast for himself and our son and usually our son’s lunch too. After a glass of warm water and lemon and a quick espresso I set out on my daily 5K run as I like to exercise first thing in the morning. I get back in time to clean up after breakfast and take our son to school. If I’m not working or auditioning a typical day is spent going to a barre workout class, doing the grocery shopping and enjoying quality time with my family. Whether we go out for dinner, go for a hike, see a movie… anything that we can all participate in. When I am shooting I’m normally up around 4am in the morning to exercise, on set for 6am and not home till way after dinner. And when auditioning I’m driving all around Los Angeles looking like whatever character I’m playing: a detective, a lawyer, a doctor… you name it!   

What gets under your skin? 

I’m a big believer of skincare starting from the inside out. What you put in your body reflects how it looks, skin included. I try and drink a lot of water, limit alcohol, I don’t smoke and exercise 5-6 times a week for over 60 minutes. I also take loads of vitamins and drink aloe. One thing I can’t live without is my steam room. It’s so good for my skin and sweating out all impurities. 

Skin deep: what’s your Swiss line go-to product? 

I’m a huge Swiss line fan. The Force Vitale skincare line has totally changed my face. Swiss line Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 is the only one I have found that gives me the moisture I need without clogging my pores and causing breakouts. It’s perfect for day and night, looks great under makeup and feels silky and hydrating upon application. I also love the Cell Shock serums. My skin just drinks them up! 


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