You Glow, Girl - Few Easy Steps to Achieve Glass Skin

You Glow, Girl - Few Easy Steps to Achieve Glass Skin

The end of summer, doesn’t have to mean the end of your summer glow! Social media is ablaze with talk of the new “glass skin” trend – luminous, exceptionally smooth, even-toned, glossy, radiant skin. Originally introduced in South Korea, the idea is that skin should look crystal clear, like a piece of glass reflecting the light. Simply put, it is all about achieving a healthy-looking, beautiful complexion.

Swissline’s Resurfacing Water and our Age Intelligence Boosters can help you achieve this look with ease, regardless of your skin type. And, you can maintain this look all year round!


The surface of the skin must be extremely smooth, without bumps or rough texture, to look “glass-like”. Resurfacing Water is a multi-tasking product that exfoliates and tones while deeply hydrating the skin so it can catch and reflect the light.

Swissline Resurfacing Water


Select the Age Intelligence Booster(s) suitable for your skin and lifestyle and then mix them into the moisturizer of your choice. The boosters will give your skin, well, an extra “boost” of goodness!

Mix 2-3 drops of your chosen booster in the palm of your hand with the moisturizer and apply it to the face. Getting a radiant, luminous complexion that reflects the light is as simple as that.


Choose from:


Be sure to complete your skincare regimen with an SPF. As AHAs always make skin more susceptible to sunburn, an SPF is imperative for the health of your skin. We recommend Invisible Bi-Phase Veil SPF 50 or the Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35.

With these easy steps you will be top of the “glass”! You glow, girl!

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