Does Swiss line test on animals?

Dermalab S.A. does not perform any animal tests on its finished products, sold and marketed under the trademark Swiss line by Dermalab, nor does it ask others to test on animals on its behalf, except when specifically required by law.

Where can i buy Swiss line products?

Swiss line products are available at select department stores, perfumeries, mono-brand stores and spas around the world. To find a Swiss line retailer near you, click here. And of course, you can shop online right here at shopswissline.com

Can i get a job at Swiss line?

We are always in search of bright, energetic and innovative individuals to join the Swiss line team. Job vacancies in our corporate office will appear on our Careers page; positions in other markets are advertised locally. Connect with us on LinkedIn for updates.

How does Swiss line conduct product safety testing?

Swiss line follows all REACH and EU regulations. Our products undergo all the clinical / safety tests required by law. The raw materials are proofed for their efficacy.

What is Swiss line doing about reach, the new eu chemicals regulation?

We follow the Reach regulations for packaging and formulas.

Can i return an online purchase to a department store?

Returns or exchanges for purchases made on shopswissline.com may only be returned on shopswissline.com. To view our returns policy please click here.

Can i return an item purchased in a store or spa to shopswissline.com?

We're sorry, but returns or exchanges must be returned where they were purchased.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

At shopswissline.com we understand how important security is to you when you order online. That is why we have partnered with SIX Payment services. As one of Europe’s largest transaction processors, SIX Payment Services uses the latest IT infrastructure to ensure the efficient and secure flow of transactions between card holder, card issuer and merchant.

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