Swissline Expert Talks

Over on our Instagram channel, we've been having fascinating chats with skincare experts on a range of intriguing topics!

Explore these can't-miss-conversations below.

Aesthetic Skin Treatments with Dr. Meli

Dr. Meli, Dermatologist and Medical Director of Dermanence skin clinic in Zurich, joined us to talk about aesthetic skin treatments and procedures that truly work.


Protecting the Skin Barrier with Dr.Soma

Dr Soma, a leading London dermatologist, joined us to talk about meaningful ways to protect the skin barrier, best ways to increase cellular turnover and tips for nourishing overwashed hands.


Mature Skin and Age Tellers with Abigail James

Award-winning aesthetician Abigail James joined us to talk about great ingredients for mature and ageing skin and showed few very useful techniques for applying neck cream.


Repairing Skin Barrier with Dr. Ejikeme

Dr Fiona Ejikeme, a Medical Director of Adonia Clinic in London, joined us to talk about healthy skin, how to notice if your skin barrier is impaired and what to do to restore it.


Beauty Sleep & Better Skin with Dr. Breus

Dr. Michael Breus, a world-renowned Sleep Expert, joined us to talk about his best-selling book, The Power of When, and why beauty sleep is crucial for your anti-aging efforts.


Healthier Food for Healthier Skin with Dr. Powell

Dr. Lauren Powell, a Culinary Medicine Specialist, joined us to explore the question - how can we improve our skin from the inside out?


Circadian Rhythm with Nichola Joss

Nichola Joss, a celebrity facialist, joined us to talk about the circadian rhythm and share great tips to hack your body's clock for healthier living and better skin.


A Skin Therapist’s Passion for Skin with Emilie Drolet

Emilie Drolet, a skin therapist and owner of Meta Esthétique skin clinic in Canada, joined us to share fabulous tips for decreasing the appearance of pores, protecting the skin barrier, and more!


Beauty Over 50: A Chat with Amy Rose

Amy Rose, a yoga instructor and wellness coach from Los Angeles, joined us to discuss her personal keys to longevity and share her secrets of looking and feeling as young as she is at 50.