Clinic Lémanic

Established in Lausanne in 1998, Clinic Lémanic is today a leading reference in the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicines, both in its home country of Switzerland and internationally. Its approach to a holistic understanding of youth, and the quality of results seen in its patients, have resulted in Clinic Lémanic winning an array of awards from its peers, including the Crystal Trophy in recognition of the Best Aesthetic Clinic in Europe, and the prestigious IIPP "Merit for Development of Technology in Aesthetic Medicine" prize, awarded at the UNESCO in Paris.

Clinic Lémanic’s beauty treatments are now carried out exclusively using Swiss line products to ensure the best results possible. And clients also benefit from being able to prolong the efficacy of their treatments by buying the appropriate Swiss line product for this purpose on site.

Clinic Lémanic
Avenue de la Gare 2, 
1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
+41 21 321 54 44

“At Clinic Lémanic we are always on the lookout for pioneering anti-aging solutions - whether its medical, surgical or aesthetic. Over the years we have worked with many Swiss skincare brands, and received particularly positive feedback from our clients about Swissline's advanced skincare products…they love the results, as well as the textures!"

Dr Véronique Emmeneger
Clinic Lémanic co-founder








Clinic Lemanic La Creme

With the creation of LA CRÈME a new era dawns for all those on the quest for definitive age-defying results. Uniting Swiss line’s time-proven skincare expertise and Clinic Lémanic’s know-how in terms of regenerative and youth-promoting therapies, LA CRÈME boasts a state-of-the-art formulation dressed in a cashmere texture… the ultimate experience of luxury! LA CRÈME’s unique texture and signature perfume have been fashioned with unsurpassed attention to detail, to offer women an authentic feeling of perfection. With each application, the visible signs of aging are addressed and seem to fade into the past, day after day.