Our R&D team has always worked closely with world-renowned Swiss cosmetics laboratories and medical clinics… and continue to do so today. Our products contain time-tested ingredients as well as innovative game-changers, active natural bases, organic alpine extracts.

Lab technicians test our products during the development phase, while aesthetic doctors offer us their input and “green-light” the products, whenever relevant.

Swiss born and bred, the purity of Switzerland is coded into our DNA.

  • No animal ingredients.
  • No animal testing.
  • No GMO.
  • No parabens.


Our signature ingredient, Cellactel 2 Complex, is what distinguishes Cell Shock collections. It contains numerous bio-nutrients that operate as vitality enhancers. Thanks to a host of all-botanical materials and bio-technology, it provides a cosmetic “lift,” boosts cellular metabolism and oxygen consumption, to increases collagen and elastin production. Crucial amino acids, peptides and mineral salts work together to supply the essential energy needed for skin renewal.

Included in all Cell Shock, Age IntelligenceTM and Cell Shock White formulas.


A pharmacy-born ingredient, obtained from an active fraction of Centella asiatica.

It is proven to modulate the skin’s chronic inflammatory conditions, by attenuating the release of pro-inflammatory epidermal messengers (cytokines, prostaglandins). Rebalancing the skin’s natural self-renewal process to restore the natural protection of the skin, and give it a smoother, more even feel.

It is widely used by doctors as a post procedure solution to counteract the side effects occurring after aesthetic surgeries and invasive treatments such as peelings, lasers or abrasions.

Swiss line innovatively offers this ingredient so all women can include it in their daily care routines to reduce skin stress and ensure skin remains in peak condition. As far as skin is concerned, the stress it suffers is the same whether it is the result of aesthetic procedures or a stressful lifestyle and such stress positively responds to Madecassoside®.

Included in all Cell Shock Age IntelligenceTM formulas.


Growth factors are cellular-catalysers that are naturally present in the skin. They mostly comprise proteins, which are important for regulating a variety of cellular processes, and are released naturally in higher quantities whenever an injury occurs and the need for healing is activated.

Since the use of the skin’s own growth factors is not allowed, the “bio-mimetic” plant-based forms have recently emerged in anti-aging. The most common growth factor talked about in skincare today is the EGF (Epidermal Growth factor).

We innovate addressing a new target, FGF-β or FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), which we have selected for its broadest action on the skin. Besides its central role in the healing processes, FGF-2 stimulates cell multiplication as well as collagen and GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) synthesis. It is therefore a key booster as if to make “new skin”, with dramatically improvements proved by clinical studies**.

Included in all Cell Shock Luxe-Lift formulas.

*Madecassoside® is a registered brand of BAYER. Neither Dermalab SA nor Swiss line is affiliated with BAYER.

**Our name “Bio-Mimetic Growth Factors” refers to Linefactor® a registered brand of BASF Beauty Care Solutions. Neither Dermalab SA nor Swiss line is affiliated with BASF.

PATENT RIVAL D., BONNET S., ORLY I., PERRIER E.Use of substances to protect FGF-2 or FGF-Beta Growth Factor of extracellular matrix, in order to regenerate it. France (Pending), Germany (Pending), Japan (Pending), South Korea (Pending), Spain (Pending), United Kingdom (Pending), USA (Pending).