For nearly three decades, Swiss line has been at the forefront of skincare research and development combining the most advanced ingredients together with the best natural actives, targeted product vehicles and innovative delivery systems.

Our R&D team has always worked closely with world-renowned Swiss cosmetics laboratories and medical clinics… and continue to do so today. Our products contain time-tested ingredients as well as innovative game-changers, active natural bases, organic alpine extracts and dermatologically approved emulsifiers and skin softening emollients. A high concentration of peptides, polysaccharides and vitamins, are also part of the mix.

Lab technicians test our products during the development phase, while doctors offer us their input and “green-light” the products before production. This collaborative effort has proven to be a winning formula.


Our signature ingredient, Cellactel 2 Complex, is what distinguishes Swiss line. Renowned for its lifting and anti-wrinkle efficacy, it contains numerous cellular bio-nutrients that operate as turnover enhancers. A mix of botanical raw materials and bio-technology, it provides a cosmetic “lift,” boosts cellular metabolism and oxygen consumption, and increases collagen and elastin production. Crucial amino acids, peptides and mineral salts work together to supply the essential energy needed for skin renewal.

Included in all Cell Shock and Cell Shock White formulas.


Clinically proven to tackle “urban stress,” this complex enhances the skin’s brightness and clarity. It contains protein fractions from Moringa seeds – a “super-food” with a super reputation for shielding the skin from environmental pollution. Moringa oleifera is an exotic tree that grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas, especially in Africa and Asia, where its seeds have long been used by indigenous populations for the purification of water. Once isolated for cosmetic use, Moringa seed proteins protect skin cells from the detrimental effects of environmental gases. They additionally prevent particles of dust, dirt and soot, as well as cigarette and cigar smoke from landing on the skin and adhering to its surface, which in turn makes the cleansing ritual so much easier and more effective.

Included in Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex IICell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex II and Cell Shock Facial Boosting-Essence.


These two registered ingredients, sourced from polymerized sweet almond oil and proteins, firm the surface of the skin to offer a virtual face lift. Created via a cross-linking technology, the hydrophobic qualities of the polymer act like a three-dimensional protein network, offering a quick, smoothing effect on the skin’s micro-relief while erasing fine lines and reducing wrinkles. The skin looks radiant and feels firmer. The inclusion of soybean membranes and hyaluronic acid also adds to this very noticeable lifting effect.

Included in Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II and Cell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex II.


WHITE UNISPHERES are suspended globes of high concentration vitamin E, created from a combination of 100% natural maltodextrin, corn starch and mannitol sugar. Although practically imperceptible to the fingers during application, the spheres react to body temperature and massage, dissolving partly while, at the same time, adding immediate skin-surface tightening effects as the part not dissolved creates an additional tensing film.

The vitamin E inside the spheres is contained in two complementary forms, pure tocopherol and tocopheryl acetate, as the association of the two is believed to be more bio-available. As an oil-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E helps prevent the production of the reactive oxygen species formed when the skin’s barrier lipids suffer oxidation. Low amounts of pure vitamin E are therefore believed to be a helpful addition, when mixed with other skin-healing ingredients, in reducing scars and skin burns.

Included in Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II and Cell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex II.


AURA-LIGHT CELLULAR CULTURE is comprised of meadow bistort extract and a cell suspension culture of wooly thistle.

Bio-engineered extract of meadow bistort (Polygonum bistorta) has a tremendous impact on the optical quality of the skin (inner reflection of light). This plant extract produces a significant increase in the expression of newly found proteins (perlecan and dystroglycan) which are related to skin evenness and microcirculation; factors responsible for skin brightness that are not dependent on skin pigmentation alone.

A purified cell suspension from wooly thistle (Cirsium eriophorum) grants an anti-inflammatory action and helps treat skin imperfections linked to hyper-seborrhea and hyper-pigmentation. The culture acts on multiple fronts to refine pores and decrease pigmentation, limiting sebum production, increasing skin desquamation and lightening melanin deposits.

The combination of these ingredients in our Aura-Light Cellular Culture helps slow down pore expansion and give the skin a smoother aspect while conferring a lighter, more uniform and even appearance.

Included in Cell Shock White Facial Brightening-Essence.


TRIPLE COLLAGEN COMPLEX provides a visible line-filling effect by infusing dry skin with intense moisture and lasting resilience. This complex is comprised of three different, yet synergistic, collagen factors: soluble collagen; collagen boosting peptides; and a protective collagen factor. The complex increases (due to the soluble collagen), strengthens (due to the collagen boosting peptides) and safeguards the levels of collagen present in the skin (due to protective collagen factor). In this sense TRIPLE doesn’t mean three different types of collagen but three different paths to collagen replenishment.

Included in CS 360º Anti-Wrinkle Serum Triple Collagen Complex and CS 360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum.


MADECASSOSIDE® This pharmaceutical ingredient, registered by Bayer, is obtained from an active fraction of Centella Asiatica. It is proven to modulate the skin’s chronic inflammatory conditions, and prevent and help to correct immune disorders by attenuating the release of pro-inflammatory epidermal messengers (cytokines, prostaglandins). It reduces the sensitivity of the skin cells, rebalancing the skin’s natural self-renewal process to restore the natural protection of the horny layer of the skin, and give it a smoother, more even feel.

It is widely used by doctors as a post procedure solution to counteract the side effects occurring after aesthetic surgeries and invasive treatments such as peelings, lasers or abrasions.

Swiss line innovatively offers this ingredient so all women can include it in their daily care routines to reduce skin stress and ensure skin remains in peak condition. As far as skin is concerned, the stress it suffers is the same whether it is the result of aesthetic procedures or a stressful lifestyle and such stress positively responds to Madecassoside®.

Included in all Cell Shock Age Intelligence formulas.


BIO-MIMETIC GROWTH FACTORS are “real” growth factors, cellular-catalysers that are naturally present in the skin. They mostly comprise proteins or steroid hormone-like substances, which are important for regulating a variety of cellular processes, and are released naturally in higher quantities whenever an injury occurs and the need for healing is activated.

Since the use of the skin’s own growth factors is not allowed, the “bio-mimetic” forms have recently emerged in anti-aging. The most common growth factors talked about in skincare today are the TGF-β (Transforming Growth Factor) and the EGF (Epidermal Growth factor).

Swiss line innovates addressing a new target, FGF-β or FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), which we have selected for its broadest action on the skin. Besides its central role in the healing processes, FGF-2 stimulates cell multiplication as well as collagen and GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) synthesis. It is therefore a key booster as if to make “new skin”, with dramatically improvements proved by clinical studies.

Included in all Cell Shock Total-Lift formulas.


STEM’CELL PULSE is obtained from a stem cell culture of Psilanthus bengalensis, an unusual type of coffee that does not contain caffeine. The key feature of this all-plant based stem cell culture lies in it’s deep action, as it plumps the skin by acting on both the dermis and deeper. Skin’s subcutaneous layers contains adipocytes, which enhances the volume, thickness and the suppleness of skin, associated with youth. The reduction of the fat cell layer or increased number of unformed fat cells that occurs with age, together with the free radical damages, causes the skin to lose its plumpness, resulting in wrinkles and the visible loss of firmness. The reduction of the fat cell layer is caused by an increased action of lipases, the enzymes that burn fat tissue (welcome in the fight against cellulite, but not welcome when it comes to maintaining the face’s architecture!)

Swiss line innovates looking into this deep mechanisms and using the potency of our own stem cell culture to reverse the loss of fat cells and rebuilding the facial architecture for a more dense, resilient and “full” skin.

Included in Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth Inducing System and Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth Inducing Eye Cream.


Scientifically advanced ingredients
Active natural bases
Organic alpine extracts
Dermatologically approved emulsifiers and skin-softening emollients


Animal derived ingredients
High levels of synthetic detergents and preservatives
Genetically modified crops

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