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Swiss line is a luxury, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand offering age preventative and restorative products. A visionary within the marketplace, the brand has achieved worldwide recognition thanks to its proud heritage in the field of cellular therapy, advanced biotech ingredients, deep understanding of the market’s needs, and a desire to stay ahead of the competition.

Swiss line was developed to bridge the gap between science-led skincare and cosmetic skincare. The cellular-based medical-grade anti-aging formulations offer the discerning customer not only measurable results, but also luxurious textures and sophisticated packaging.

With six consumer ranges to choose from – Cell Shock, Cell Shock White, Force Vitale, Ageless Purity, Anti-Redness and Water Shock – Swiss line has something for everyone.

Cell Shock

Cell Shock, a results-oriented skincare collection developed to combat the visible signs of aging, is the very heart of Swiss line. Launched in 1995, it has withstood the test of time and consumer scrutiny and emerged as a leading anti-aging collection amongst discerning women worldwide. Cellactel 2, the signature anti-aging complex in all Cell Shock products, is formulated to accelerate cellular metabolism and increase collagen and elastin production. Together with other actives, including bio-mimetic botanicals that metabolize on a cellular level, the Cell Shock products deliver impressive results.

Cell Shock White

Cell Shock White, a results-oriented whitening collection launched in 2010, merges the best in anti-aging cellular therapy with the most advanced whitening technology. An off-shoot of its namesake collection, Cell Shock White combines scientifically advanced actives, bio-mimetic botanicals and cosmetic ingredients found in the renowned Cell Shock collection, together with clinically proven skin pigmentation lightening ingredients, including an advanced peptide technology, Rumex occidentalis extract and Vitamin C. The products are designed to visibly lift, firm and revitalize the skin while whitening it.

Force Vitale

Force Vitale, a botanical anti-aging collection inspired by the Alpine ecosystem, combines potent botanical extracts with proven efficacy value together with powerful natural antioxidants to visibly smooth, moisturize and protect the skin against the signs of premature aging.

Ageless Purity

Ageless Purity, a niche anti-aging collection, addresses the specific needs of adult skin prone to acne, blemishes and oiliness. Bio-engineered formulas have been expressly developed to fight the factors leading to impure skin and premature aging.

Water Shock

Water Shock, a paraben-free, silicon free and allergen free collection of cleansers, toners and an eye makeup remover, was launched in 2012. Consumers can select their cleanser or toner according to their skin type and texture preference.  

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