Instantly brighten, detoxify and decongest your skin with this At-Home Facial Brightening Treatment.

Offers a saving of 10% (compared to products bought separately).

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Skin type: Normal Dry Very dry Combination / Oily

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  • Instantly brightening and detoxifying and decongesting
  • Reduces pores for an even complexion
  • Gives natural glow and vitality

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Products included:

  • 158.00 USD In Stock
    1 x

    A bright splash of energetic coolness housed in a gel-in-essence formula. Much more than a classic lotion, the sophisticated formula of Facial Brightening-Essence keeps natural exfoliation levels high and addresses the visible signs of unevenness while refining pores.

    158.00 USD
    In Stock Brightening - Exfoliation - Renewal
  • 105.00 USD In Stock
    1 x

    CLEANSES - EXFOLIATES - BRIGHTENS Balmy-gel texture foams on application to remove make-up and pollution residues and impart freshness. Quartz silica performs a skin-friendly, yet cumulative micro-exfoliation that guarantees a progressively more even and refined complexion with daily use.Suitable for all skin types except very sensitive.

    105.00 USD
    In Stock Gentle exfoliating cleanser
  • 174.00 USD In Stock
    1 x

    Non-drying cream-mask containing vitamin C with silk brush for an even and smooth application, remains creamy comfortable until removed. Formulated as an all-in-one facial mask, it brightens, intensively hydrates, detoxifies and refines pores. To be applied once or twice a week on a perfectly cleansed face as part of the Cell Shock White skincare routine.

    174.00 USD
    In Stock Detox - Natural glow - Vitality


  • Instantly brightens and lightens skin complexion.
  • Infuses skin-friendly detox properties, providing immediate decongesting, draining and super brightening benefits.
  • Contributes to reducing the size of pores for an even skin complexion.
  • Leaves the skin smooth and comfortable, ultimately filled with natural glow and vitality.

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How to use

Step 1: Remove makeup and pollution residue on the face, while simultaneously providing a gentle micro-exfoliation of the skin, with Facial Cleansing Foam.

Step 2: Tone the skin with Facial Brightening Essence which will keep natural exfoliation levels high and address signs of unevenness while refining pores.

Step 3: Brighten, intensively hydrate, detoxify and refine pores with the non-drying creamy Facial Brightening Mask, fortified with Vitamin C.

Step 4: Finish with Facial Brightening Essence to prepare the skin for the products that follow.


CELLACTEL 2 WHITE COMPLEX: Using the same cellular bio-nutrients present in the original Cellactel 2 Complex combined with an advanced peptide technology and botanical extracts of Rumex occidentalis extract and vitamin C. This mask provides: lifting and anti-wrinkle effects; corrects future pigmentation disorders at their origin; lightens existing melanin deposits and fades brown spots.

ASCORBYL-GLUCOSIDE + GUARANA EXTRACT: The combined use of ascorbyl-glucoside and guarana extract creates a powerful cocktail of brightening and draining effects, contributing to an immediately more-even complexion.


MEDICINAL ROOTS COMPLEX: A powerful cocktail made from traditional medicinal herbs with proven benefits. Bupleurum falcatum root normally known as a “liver tonic", is generally used for cases where detoxification and drainage are needed. Astragalus membranaceus reduces over-pigmentation and excessive sebum secretion, while atractylodes macrocephala root fights oxidation.

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Facial Brightening & Detoxifying Treatment

Facial Brightening & Detoxifying Treatment


Instantly brighten, detoxify and decongest your skin with this At-Home Facial Brightening Treatment.

Offers a saving of 10% (compared to products bought separately).

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