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Renowned in Switzerland and worldwide, Swissline products are highly praised by doctors, media and bloggers alike. Browse our press reviews below.
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    • Retinol and good sunscreen are best friends

      The myth that retinol is not good to use in summer is incorrect. It is true that retinol makes your skin more sensitive to the sun rays, however with a good layer of SPF on top you can keep using retinol serums all year round. SPF, SPF and again SPF!

      Features Age Intelligence Youth Booster, Invisible Veil SPF 50

      - Translated from Ukrainian by Swissline team

    • Focus on the lips

      Swiss brand Swissline created created Lip Zone Corrective Complex, that fights ageing in the lip zone area. Complex uses technology which helps hyaluronic acid penetrate the skin better.

      Features Cell Shock Lip Zone Corrective Complex

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline team

    • Age spots no more

      Swissline Brightening Diamond Serum is an active product that helps even out the skin tone and reduce age spots, and also reduces lines and wrinkles.

      Features Brightening Diamond Serum

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline team