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      Coffee for those who lack of sleep, of course! But that's not all! The coffee concentration of 2% in this Eye Zone Booster considerably increases the drainage of the area, and dark under eye disappears almost instantly, leaving a fresh and rested look. Use morning and evening for best results. The Youth Booster contains 1.5% retinol of which, small doses, gradually eliminate wrinkles, a small amount providing better results than one too many high concentration of retinol, which is likely to irritate the skin. Use in the evening only. Both not suitable for direct sunlight.

      Features our Eye Zone Booster and Youth Booster 

      - Translated from French by Swissline

    • Like a Pro - Resurfacing Water

      With its 10% concentration of glycolic acid, this progressive peel refines skin texture and revives dull complexions. The plus: it oxygenates the epidermis and supports its metabolic functions thanks to its formula enriched with plant cells.

      Features our Resurfacing Water 

      -Translated from French by Swissline

    • Smart Buys: Swissline Age Intelligence Boosters

      The new colorful Age Intelligence collection, of Swissline, presents formulas  ofuniversal mixers that target skin problems or specific skin types. It contains ingredients active and potent botanicals, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, pure retinol and caffeine. These boosters (small, but concentrated) are modern, flexible skin care and accessible that allow you to concoct your own routine yourself beauty according to your needs, change of season or even your mood! You just have to choose the booster that makes you want and to add it, by means
      of a pipette, to your usual products: day or night, foundation or serum...

      Features Age Intelligence Boosters

      - Translated from French by Swissline

    • Customized Skincare

      These new cosmetic allies respond immediately to a problem. Each bottle, dressed in a pretty pastel color, contains a key ingredient: hyaluronic acid (wrinkles and fine lines), lactic acid (exfoliation), alpha-arbutin (age spots), vitamin C (brightness), pure retinol (cell rejuvenation) and caffeine (tissue decongestion).

      Features Age Intelligence Eye Zone Booster