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Renowned in Switzerland and worldwide, Swissline products are highly praised by doctors, media and bloggers alike. Browse our press reviews below.
  • Media

    • Swissline offers skin brightening solutions

      Swissline has introduced Cell Shock White Brightening Intensified Night Cream to address pigmentation, melasma and dark spots as well as skin-ageing concerns including inflammation, lines and wrinkles.

      Feature New Cell Shock Brightening-Intensified Night Cream

    • Swissline debuts at The Shelbourne

      Swissline, a luxury skincare brand known for it collagen expertise, has launched in Ireland at Dublin's iconic five- star hotel. 

      Features Le Grand Soin Au Collagen Pur 

    • Eyes on the prize

      Cell Shock 360° AntiWrinkle Eye Zone Serum: hydrating, brightening and rejuvenating, this luxurious serum works to counter visible signs. 

      Features Cell Shock 360° AntiWrinkle Eye Zone Serum

    • It's all in skin prep

      A beautifully, buttery cleanser to prep skin ahead of makeup application. Massaged over face and décolleté, and removed with a warm damp cloth, it leaves skin nourished and refreshed.

      Features Cell Shock Collagen Balm Cleanser 

    • The Mildest formula for sensitive skin

      The Aqua- Calm Oil-in-Serum is a soothing serum for sensitive skin that immediately reduces signs of discomfort and dryness. The mildest formula for sensitive and over-reactive skin conditions, it combines soothing botanicals and skin-protecting emollients to immediately reduce signs of discomfort and dryness.

      Features the Aqua- Calm Oil-in-Serum

      -Translated from Chinese by Swissline

    • Medical Beauty

      The Cell Shock Luxe- Lift Rich Cream with 3% of Biomimetic Growth Factors lifts, revitalizes and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles as it makes the skin silky-soft.

      Features the Cell Shock Luxe- Lift Rich Cream

      - Translated from Chinese by Swissline Team  

    • The Treatment: Le Grand Soin Au Collagène facial

      The treatment Le Grand Soin Au Collagène facial uses the kobido Japanese facial massage technique, beloved  of the style set. 

      Features our Le Grand Soin Au Collagène facial

    • The Collagen Balm Cleanser

      The Cell Shock Collagen Balm Cleanser from Swissline refreshes mature skin and gently removes make-up and excess sebum.

      Features our Cell Shock Collagen Balm Cleanser 

      - Translated from Geman by Swissline

    • A Booster For Every Skin Concerns

      Swissline presents six different skin boosters. They are intended to support the skin with concerns such as dryness, wrinkles, pale complexion, pigmentation spots, redness or impurities. Simply add two to three drops to the cream.

      Features our Cell Shock Age Intelligence Boosters 

      - Translated from Geman by Swissline

    • Swissline Perfection Booster Fights Skin Imperfections

      Swissline Perfection Booster fights skin imperfections and creates a perfect skin texture. Lactic acid protects natural pH from external alkaline factors. 

      Swissline Cellular Eye Mask Complex has Cellactel 2 Complex and marine polysaccharides that offer visible lifting and regenerating action. Eyebright, gingko biloba and hydrolized algin calm and soften. Caffeine decreases puffiness. 

      Features Age Intelligence Perfection Booster and Cell Shock Cellular Eye Mask Complex

      -Translated from Ukrainian by Swissline

    • Winner of 'One to Watch' by Woman&Home Clever Skincare Awards

      ‘From day and night serums and moisturisers to eye creams, the results of each product in this range really wowed me. Skin looked fresher, smoother and glowing, and fine lines disappeared. A really impressive range that’s worth the investment. Top marks.’ - Sarah Cooper-White 

    • Swiss quality

      Swiss know-how is recognized worldwide, and these serums, creams and perfumes will contribute to it even more.

      Features Force Vitale Aqua-Calm Oil-In-Serum


      Coffee for those who lack of sleep, of course! But that's not all! The coffee concentration of 2% in this Eye Zone Booster considerably increases the drainage of the area, and dark under eye disappears almost instantly, leaving a fresh and rested look. Use morning and evening for best results. The Youth Booster contains 1.5% retinol of which, small doses, gradually eliminate wrinkles, a small amount providing better results than one too many high concentration of retinol, which is likely to irritate the skin. Use in the evening only. Both not suitable for direct sunlight.

      Features our Eye Zone Booster and Youth Booster 

      - Translated from French by Swissline

    • Retinol and good sunscreen are best friends

      The myth that retinol is not good to use in summer is incorrect. It is true that retinol makes your skin more sensitive to the sun rays, however with a good layer of SPF on top you can keep using retinol serums all year round. SPF, SPF and again SPF!

      Features Age Intelligence Youth Booster, Invisible Veil SPF 50

      - Translated from Ukrainian by Swissline team

    • Skinbrands takes on UK distribution of premium skincare range Swissline

      Distributor Skinbrands has signed a deal to distribute premium skincare Swissline in the UK. Skinbrands will sell the Swiss company's consumer and professional products via its network of 86 clinics. including those that are part of groups including skin, The Harley Medical Group and DestinationSkin. The rollout is expected to take place later this year. Swissline chief executive Christophe Lesueur commented on the partnership: "Skin health and innovation is of paramount importance to Skin brands, as it is to Swissline." Skinbrands managing director Amanda Coveney added: "I'm very excited to explore the unique opportunities this full debut into the UK market is sure to bring, and I look forward to driving and developing the business.

      Features Cell Shock White Brightening Eye Veil

    • Magic Applicator

      Swissline's Magic Eye Mask offers hydration and brightening with 5% Niacinamide, the star active ingredient of the moment.

      Features Cell Shock Magic Eye Mask

      - Translated from French by Swissline

    • Focus on the lips

      Swiss brand Swissline created created Lip Zone Corrective Complex, that fights ageing in the lip zone area. Complex uses technology which helps hyaluronic acid penetrate the skin better.

      Features Cell Shock Lip Zone Corrective Complex

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline team

    • Provides Radiance

      Niacinamide works as an anti-inflammatory and leaves the skin smoother in appearance and also fights hyperpigmentation. It also promotes the regeneration of skin and strengthens the skin barrier.

      Features our Peace Booster (2% Tranexamic Acid)

      - Translated from Geman by Swissline

    • SwissMade: Echinacea in My Hand Cream

      Hand cream has become indispensable this past year. Here is a premium version that keeps its promises: soft as a glove, it has the effect of a second skin and it offers state-of-the-art regenerative ingredients. Glycerine and aloe vera nourish the skin, D-panthenol and madecassoside fight against Inflammation and support barrier function. And finally, Echinacea has an antiseptic effect and strengthens immunity. 

      Features Age Intelligence Make Peace Hand Balm

      - Translated from French by Swissline

    • Age spots no more

      Swissline Brightening Diamond Serum is an active product that helps even out the skin tone and reduce age spots, and also reduces lines and wrinkles.

      Features Brightening Diamond Serum

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline team

    • Like a Pro - Resurfacing Water

      With its 10% concentration of glycolic acid, this progressive peel refines skin texture and revives dull complexions. The plus: it oxygenates the epidermis and supports its metabolic functions thanks to its formula enriched with plant cells.

      Features our Resurfacing Water 

      -Translated from French by Swissline

    • Five of the best serums - Essential Serum

      Prebiotics and probiotics combine with Madecassoside, Ectoin and Adenosine triphosphate to reduce skin inflammation and protect the barrier function of the skin.

      Features Age Intelligence Essential Serum

    • Smart Buys: Swissline Age Intelligence Boosters

      The new colorful Age Intelligence collection, of Swissline, presents formulas  ofuniversal mixers that target skin problems or specific skin types. It contains ingredients active and potent botanicals, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, pure retinol and caffeine. These boosters (small, but concentrated) are modern, flexible skin care and accessible that allow you to concoct your own routine yourself beauty according to your needs, change of season or even your mood! You just have to choose the booster that makes you want and to add it, by means
      of a pipette, to your usual products: day or night, foundation or serum...

      Features Age Intelligence Boosters

      - Translated from French by Swissline

    • Anti-Aging

      The new Swissline formula combines powerful active ingredients that fight wrinkles and allow for skin revitalization. 

      Features our Age Intelligence Youth Booster 

      - Translated from Portuguese by Swissline

    • Bright eyes

      First off, the cooling metal applicator helps distribute the blue-ish formula to counteract darkness – and it feels great. Pumpkin enzymes then stimulate exfoliation for a smoother texture.

      Features Cell Shock Magic Eye Mask.

    • Best renewal serum

      Harper’s BAZAAR Beauty Awards judge, aesthetics physician Dr Chan Ann Chyi, says of the Recovery Serum, “A beautiful serum. The texture is silky and ultra-smooth against the skin. Containing cyclopeptides that are proven to improve skin laxity, I can visibly see the improvements on my marionette lines with daily usage.”

      Features Age Intelligence Recovery Serum.

    • Customized Skincare

      These new cosmetic allies respond immediately to a problem. Each bottle, dressed in a pretty pastel color, contains a key ingredient: hyaluronic acid (wrinkles and fine lines), lactic acid (exfoliation), alpha-arbutin (age spots), vitamin C (brightness), pure retinol (cell rejuvenation) and caffeine (tissue decongestion).

      Features Age Intelligence Eye Zone Booster

    • Impressed with the texture

      The Age Intelligence Smart Cream impressed me with its texture. Upon application it turns into lightweight fluid. The skin glows!

      Features Age Intelligence Smart Cream

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline team

    • Age Intelligence Essential Serum

      Features Essential Serum

    • Smart Cream Offers Constant Hydration and Energy

      Cell Shock Age Intelligence Smart Cream provides constant hydration, energy, and revitalization. 

      Features our Age Intelligence Smart Cream

      - Translated from Portuguese by Swissline

    • Is Global Anti-Aging A Dream?

      At Swissline, the universal cream was created for digital natives. Its English name is self-explanatory: smart cream, in reference to the smartphone. It limits the facts of stress, jet lag, short nights and UV rays in a formula without parabens or phenoxyethanol, vegan and is cruelty-free. Tailor-made is also a strong trend, we can add one of the five available boosters as needed to repair, hydrate, and unify our skin.

      Features our Age Intelligence Smart Cream

      - Translated from French by Swissline

    • The best rich creams

      Swissline's Luxe-Lift Rich Cream contains marine collagen and Gold & Silk complex that lifts, regenerates the skin and reduces wrinkles.

      Features Luxe-Lift Rich Cream

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline team

    • Glycolic Acid - perfect for fall

      After days of basking in the summer's sun the Fall is the perfect time to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the cell regeneration process. Glycolic Acid reduces acne scars, combats wrinkles and brightens-up a dull complexion. It is used in aesthetic medicine for medical peels and in cosmetics in lotions, serums and masks with a resurfacing effect. The best time to apply it is at night. It is usually dosed from 4 to 10%. When using skincare with glycolic acid, is advisable to protect the skin during day with a SPF and a soothing and nourishing cream. AHAs have a bad reputation because of misuse in the 80s and 90s, however, today this ingredient is better controlled. If you have sensitive skin, you can start by testing the chosen treatment every other night and monitor any reactions.

      Features Resurfacing Water – 10% Glycolic Acid

      - Translated from German by Swissline

    • Swissline At Burgenstock Hotels & Resort

      Offering noteworthy hotel hospitality and the most modern of medical concepts complemented by amazing architecture, it is no wonder that Burgenstock Resort's "forest hotel", Wald Hotel & Medical Excellence, is among the few hand-picked venues to host Swissline's haute couture medi-spas.

    • Customized Skincare

      "I think the secret of customization in cosmetics is that it helps the customer feel involved,” explains Custodio d’Avo, Swissline Global Brand Director. “It is a beauty game for customers and a marketing move for beauty companies, enabling them to attract a younger, more curious audience. Our boosters can be added to your usual cream, but don’t add them to cosmetics that have similar ingredients.

      Features Age Intelligence Boosters.

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline

    • Against the rules

      Swissline gambled with its new boosters, winning the hearts of brand adaptors, as well bloggers, influencers, vegans and other beauty-junkies. In the age of customisation, these 7 boosters cover all the skin’s needs at acceptable pricing.

      Features Age Intelligence Boosters.

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline.

    • Swissline boosters

      Many brands dream about conquering consumers’ cosmetic cabinets with as many products as possible, but Swissline’s Global Brand Director comments with a smile, “We are not greedy; our boosters have been developed so that they can go along with any other brand”.

      Features Age Intelligence Boosters.

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline.

    • Beauty Treatment Above the Clouds

      The new resort where dieticians can help you lose a few extra kilos, and Swissline, a few extra wrinkles.

      Features Burgenstock Resort.

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline

    • Winner - The Best Skin Brightener Of The Year

      Ready, Set, Glow: Brighten, tighten and let your skin glow as Swissline's Cell Shock Age Intelligence Radiance Booster will have your skin looking more luminous than ever.

    • Quick, a good-looking cure!

      Spring is the ideal period to boost your skin.

      Features Age Intelligence Youth Booster - Retinol + Retinyl Palmitate.

    • A winter skin saviour

      Cell Shock Age Intelligence Recovery Serum from Swissline improves the skin’s suppleness and initiates the cellular renewal, protecting the skin from changes in temperature. And one extra bonus: the serum strengthens and prolongs the effect of aesthetic treatments.

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline

  • Doctors

    • Swissline’s skincare products, particularly those from the Age Intelligence line, can be used as part of a home-care, post-treatment regimen following injectables, laser treatments or chemical peels to aid in the recovery process.

    • At Clinic Lémanic we are always on the lookout for pioneering anti-aging solutions - whether its medical, surgical or aesthetic. Over the years we have worked with many Swiss skincare brands, and received particularly positive feedback from our clients about Swissline's advanced skincare products…they love the results, as well as the textures!

    • At the Burgenstock Resort we take a holistic approach to skincare, with medicine and cosmetics both playing an important role. An open dialogue between the dermatology department in the Waldhotel's Medical Center and the aestheticians in the Waldhotel Spa facilitates the best care for our guests. The spa treatment lines have been carefully selected to complement medical care. For example, Swissline's "Swiss Virtual Surgery" facial is particularly useful as part of a post-treatment regimen following a non-invasive procedure such as microdermabrasion, injectable fillers, laser or chemical peels, as key ingredients aid in the skin rejuvenation process.


  • Bloggers

    • I fell in love with these three products. Cell Shock Recovery Serum mixed with some drops of the Source Booster, and then the Force Vitale Cream24. Swissline makes me feel glowing and shining like a diamond.


      Photo: @bolzerntwins ⠀

    • That feeling when you have diamonds on your face. This Diamond Serum is goals and yes, it has real diamonds in it.


    • When you can't decide which dress to take, but you already know which diamonds to wear: only those in my Brightening Diamond Serum by Swissline.


    • What you always see in my desert stories, my skin is still flawless. Yes, I’m blessed with a super pure skin, but sun, sand and wind are super exhausting for it either way. My new regenerator at this festival is Force Vitale Bloom Flash from Swissline and I can totally recommend it to you.

      Shared from Coachella Music and Arts Festival, California