Luxe-Lift Rich Cream

Texture: rich, silky cream, easily absorbed.
Skin condition: Dehydration Lines & Wrinkles Sagging skin
Best for: Dry skin in need of rejuvenation


225.00 USD tax incl.


50ml heavy glass jar

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Reviews (11)

It made my skin great again

I have never had such a shiny and smooth skin after 3 weeks of using a cream before. I will leave Luxe-Lift Rich cream in my beauty routine forever. I liked everything about it, it's texture, smell and ofc the result it assures. My skin became shiny, well-nourished and it seems that my wrinkles became a bit less visible.



Einfach GENIAL

Diese Creme, wie auch alle anderen Produkte von Swissline ist einfach genial. Die Haut fühlt sich den ganzen Tag einfach nur super an. Gut genährt, weich und seidig. Es braucht nur wenig und somit sehr ausgiebig. Ideal für Haut die gerne verwöhnt aber nicht überladen wird.


I love this moisturiser. It has such a lovely scent, and somehow, spring, autumn or winter the texture is always just right. It absorbs easily and feels highly moisturising without being too rich. Although more of a daytime cream it can be used overnight as well. I've been using this cream for over a year now and it deserves every award it has won.

best for dry skin in cold months

This is the best for dry skin in cold months. I use it in the evenings from October till April. After this cream my skin is lighting, it's comforted and stops peeling and shelling.

Love it!

My facial complexion is improved obviously after using the first jar, much more healthier, brighter and smooth. The combination of this cream and CC cream makes me look just nice enough without any make-up. Perfect cream for moisturising and anti-aging purposes!

Like second skin

Upon application, it feels just like second skin. It’s also more comfortable and absorbs more easily compared to most rich creams.

Love it

I love this cream, it always travels with me, has a magnificent scent, wonderful texture and a really strong anti-aging effect.

Perfect night cream for me

Loved this rich but not heavy texture. I use it mainly before going to bed after the cell shock face serum. My skin looks visibly fresher in the morning.


A cream with collagen and gold! A friend told me about this brand and tried this first time, super impressed and also lady from webshop was very helpful answering my questions :) thank you


This is a luxe cream, bought the lift serum and got this as a sample. Will buy it next order because sample really showed it is that good. Smell wonderful and no irritation with perfume.

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Luxe-Lift Rich Cream

Luxe-Lift Rich Cream

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  • I used both the Luxe-Lift Rich Cream and Youth-Inducing Cream during winter season. Which one is more preferable at night?


    Your skin switches mode between day and nighttime. At nighttime the skin is busy repairing the damages and goes into a self-recovery mode, while during the day the skin is busy protecting itself. In fact, both creams are great to use either day or nighttime as they display great complimentary functions. Nevertheless, we would still suggest to use the Youth-Inducing Cream at night as Madecassoside effect would induce skin to work more effectively by activating skin auto-repair functions and modulate any skin stress. Madecassoside, a purified isolated fraction of centella asiatica, is a fantastic registered molecule allowing the skin to be even more receptive for the self-regulating / repair activity at night. When you wake up in the morning with a more rested, restored skin you will be able to ”receive” augmented positive impact with Luxe-Lift Cream benefits - greater firming, hydrating and lifting effect.

  • May I know if there is any difference between the new Luxe-Lift Rich Cream and the previous Total-Lift Rich Cream in terms of texture and richness? Is Luxe-Lift Rich Cream suitable for late 30’s skin?


    Our new Luxe-Lift Rich Cream is similar to the previous Total-Lift Rich Cream in terms of richness. The formula has been updated to include soluble collagen on top pf previous ingredients (Cellactel 2 Complex, Growth Factors up to 3% versus 1,5% previously) which might make it feel slightly richer. The soluble collagen increases the firming and lifting benefits and feels like “second skin”, nevertheless the difference on the skin is barely noticeable. What you will notice is stronger performance with an ultimate luxurious feeling, enhanced by silk proteins. This cream is suitable for late 30s skin.

  • What skincare benefits do gold and silk have?


    Colloidal forms of real gold, present in all Luxe-Lift formulas, help in promoting renewed vitality and physically shielding the skin from oxidative stress. The innovative association of silk and marine collagen grants the collagen proteins maximum building power as most of the amino acids found naturally in silk are also the building blocks for the resilient collagen fibers found in human skin, thus ensuring highly efficient line filling effect.

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