360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum Triple-Collagen Infusion


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15 ml

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Man also

I bought this in a hotel spa during a business trip. Never thought I would buy a beauty product for eyes only but truth is made me look and feel younger because I don't have bags after short sleep. pump is a bit tricky at first but then you get that only one drop is needed. I should order something online for face because I cannot find this brand :(


This is my go-to product for the eyes, nothing works better for me. I try different eye creams at times, but stay with this serum always before any cream. Hope they never stop this one because it is that good.

It works

I have been using Cell Shock 360º Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum ( triple collagen infusion) for the last 4 weeks. It works. I mean as all Swiss line products the effect is almost immediate. The fine wrinkles turnes out to be invisible. I am really very pleased with the product. Testing the eye zone cream I would suggest something - few years ago Swiss line had an eye zone protuct with a strong anti puffiness effect. For me it was Nº 1 product of all brands I have used. I think that if this product would exist at the moment I would buy it and I would use alternatively with the Cell Shock 360º Anti- Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum. It would be a perfect solution for me and I believe for many other women. Congratulations for the new cell shock serum. Swiss line one again proved that their products have a real immediate effect.

I bought 2 sets to spare for the future

I am an Asian and age 33 years old. I was so excited when I received the Cell Shock 360 Eye Zone Serum. As an asian, with almost all year exposed under the hot sun, my eyes getting aged faster the the lines become more obvious in these 2 years. After applying these serum, OMG! I fall in love with it and during the promotion for its new launching, I personally bought 2 sets to spare for the future! The most important factor that I love this product is it keeps my eyes hydrated long hour yet it is not sticky at all. It being absorbed so quickly into my skin which allow me to apply everyday even though I am rushing out to work sometimes. I find no excuse to skip it at all :) Next, talking about its result, it is keeps my eye area hydration and moisture. For the first week, I felt my eyes not so dry compared to previously especially in the air-cond room and during outdoor activities under the sun. Then for the second and third week, I noticed my eye fine lines getting less visible and eye muscle getting more relaxing. I think all women must try this product out as it really deliver the result within just 4 weeks. I will continue using this serum for sure and I doubt there is any better than this out there. Thank you Swissline for helping me to keep my eyes look healthier and younger. :)

eyes contour visibly more beautiful

I am using the Cell Shock 360 ° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum Zone and is a fantastic product. It is fresh and very pleasant to apply. I usually apply it at night and the next day, I notice less puffiness, attenuated lines and eyes contour visibly more beautiful, bright and smooth. I recommend it!

serum that could help me diminish the dark circles and puffiness

I've been using Swiss line Cell Shock 360 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum for more than 2 months now and even though I posted a full review on the blog (www.chicprofile.com) I also want to share my experience here. First of all the packaging is luxurious which once again confirms that Swiss line is a luxury skincare brand. The eye zone serum is very easy to use and apply due to its incorporate pipette which allowed me to dosage the right amount of product for each application. When I started using this product I was more concerned with puffiness and dark circles rather than wrinkles as I'm working night shifts all the time and I had a period when I didn't get enough sleep so I was really looking for a product that could help me out. I've been using Swiss line Cell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex for more than 6 months so wrinkles weren't a problem but I wanted an extra help, a new serum that could help me diminish the dark circles and puffiness around my eyes. I have to say I've tested the serum in combination with other eye creams as well but I had the best results when I paired it with Cell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex. The results were visible within days, my eye area was brightened, looking more luminous and rested and dark circles were less visible. The consistency of this serum is very light and liquid, it's absorbed quickly into the skin while making the skin feel soft and smooth. I really enjoy applying the product morning and evening, following with an eye cream, as it has such an incredible scent, almost like a perfume but it does not irritate the eyes. I have sensitive skin type and my skin really loves this serum and its visible results.

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360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum Triple-Collagen Infusion

360° Anti-Wrinkle Eye Zone Serum Triple-Collagen Infusion

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