360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program



4x12 ml

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This is super expensive but works wonders. Normally I don't read the leaflet inside products (sorry...) but because of the price this time I did and got to know that there are a lot of things inside this concentrated serums. Don't know how it all works but it is true that the PM gold one did something I never thought possible, they say it detoxes cells and it must have done because my skin was dull and tired but after just two weeks became much fresher; and BTW I didn't change anything else my routine. Swissline really works and as I say even if price is high I don't regret. Also as another reviewer wrote it lasts much longer than a month as a little goes a long way. Impressive, thanks.

my complexion looks rejuvenated and has a healthy glow

The AM serum is a light weight moisturizing fluid that glides on nicely and is a nice base pre-makeup. I found that I didn't need a moisturizer on top of it and just used sunscreen and loose powder for make up. It is lightweight and kind to the skin, did not become oily and sticky even at the end of the day and kept my skin hydrated and comfortable. It was also a good feeling to know that it was working all through the day on my skin to improve it's texture and appearance. As for the PM serum, I used just before sleep and it was a light and pleasant non-irritating night treatment. I didn't need to use a night cream too. It had a mild peeling effect and rejuvenated my skin through the night. The only downside to the PM cream was that after using it, the skin on my fingertips peeled slightly and I needed to use a hand cream. But the results were wonderful, when I got up in the morning, I noticed that my skin was glowing, brighter and slightly fairer. It was also more toned and fine lines were diminished and it looked altogether more youthful. All in all, after a month's usage of the AM and PM serums, I've found my complexion looks rejuvenated and has a healthy glow. A woman in her fifties needs all the pampering she can get and, yes, certainly Cell Shock 360 Synchronized Time Reversal Program does deliver!

My skin lost the sensitivity of the past

After 22 days of continuous use of the ampoules, my skin is not reactive to climate changes and has lost the sensitivity of the past.Seems stronger from within.Also the sample of the anti wrinkle serum is easy to apply and pleasant to the touch.Both products are great to include in any beauty ritual as the fragrance is subtil and extremely relaxing.

Absolutely perfect for ageing skin

After almost 4 weeks of using this product, I will give it a 5 Stars Rating! Absolutely perfect for ageing skin! I really Love how it helps to unclog pores and minimize my Big Pores & hydrates my skin and less breakouts too! Before this, my skin is really dry & peels often. But now it helps to rejuvenate my skin, refine texture and improve my skin tone.

luxurious and skin loving

I have been using the Synchronized Time Reversal Products for over six weeks and once again, I am impressed with the quality, efficacy and overall results of the Swiss Line Products. They are just so luxurious and skin loving, you just feel good each and every time you use them. What I especially loved about this product that I tested was that it consisted of two different serums, one targeted for protecting your skin during the day and the other rejuvenating it at night. The AM Serum was super lightweight, smelled divine, absorbed instantly and made my skin softer and smoother. The PM Serum was more like an oil-serum texture, easily absorbed into my skin and immediately made it feel silkier. Both of these serums are so lightwieght and penetrate into the skin very quickly so that you need to use a moisturizer on top. Ater using this dynamic anti-aging product duo for over a month, I have noticed a nice change in the texture and fine lines on my face. Everything has softened a bit and I very much like the way this product combo has made my skin look and feel. Impressive results in a short period of time, I highly rec the Swiss Line Synchronized Time Reversal Products to women who want a skin loving product that gently erases the signs of aging = LOVE!

lasted me about 2 months and 1/2

Finished the Cell Shock 360 Synchronized Time Reversal serums about two weeks ago. Was happy to see that it lasted more than a month, it actually lasted me about 2 months and 1/2. When I wrote my first review after only two weeks using these serums, I was please with the initial results. Well, after finishing the treatment, I can only say that I really feel this product is amazing. My skin tone is more even and the smoothness is so so nice. I noticed that my pores are smaller than before using these serums and THAT pleases me a lot too. I would recommend the program to anyone who want a dramatic improvement of their skin. It has to be regarded as an investment in our beauty and health more than an expense. I really love this product. Thank you Swiss line .

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360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program

360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program

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  • Is there a specific time when using this program gets the most benefits?


    Our 360 Synchronised Time Reversal Program can be used at any time of the year when your skin needs an extra boost. Normally season changes weaken our skin, so we would advise to use this cure when transitioning from winter to spring or from autumn to winter. This program is a modern interpretation of a complete cellular turnover cycle. Formulated to re-establish the perfect skin hydration, maximize vitality and radiance, giving you a firmer, younger looking skin, in just one month.

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