Overnight “V” Mask


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35 ml + 30 ml

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feels good on sensitive skin

....i am writing today, because every evening when i use the `cell Shock Overnight "V" Mask by Swiss line, i think of posting my experience. today i do. After using the "V" Mask for over two month now on a pretty frequent base, i would like to share my experience. The moment of opening the "V" Mask tube, it is an exquisit feeling and smell because the cold roll on is just feeling so fresh and comfortable. My skin feels in the morning very elastic, soft and especially moisturized. Sensitive skin is my reason to use the "V" mask because it does not hurt after applying to the skin, neither gives it an awkward feeling after it dries. i will continue using it .....

beautiful healthy glow

I've been using the V-Mask for a little over 2 months now aprox 3 times a week. The V mask makes my skin feel silky smooth and moisturized. The Mask makes my skin look healthy and I will say it YOUNGER!! I definitely notice a nice glow in the morning and that can really make your day.... I feel if you use this product long term you will definitely see a lift and your face will definitely have a beautiful healthy glow. I am extremely happy with the effects so far and I will continue to use for years.. Using this product at night was very soothing and at times a stress reliever. The Packaging is a definite WOW! The application of the V Mask was such an easy process. I would definitely recommend the V Mask to all my friends and Family. I’m In Love with Swiss line!

I have a very nice skin and don`t look tired - even though I hav

I was completely surprised by this product. It includes a roller- really to roll on a gel; which is meant to be a mask and the other is a cream. The mask leaves a light film on the skin but feels completely elastic. Different to other masks, it should slim the jawline and cheeks to get more of a V Form. This is more an ideal of all of us. I Hope my double chin goes away as I still have the after-effects of giving birth in December. Even in the morning, the feeling is great and the skin is smooth. Interesting was the feedback from my friends and family. The Tell me I have a very nice skin and don`t look tired - even though I have a baby who is not sleeping :-)

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Overnight “V” Mask

Overnight “V” Mask

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  • How do I combine the use of the V Mask with Perfect Profile Remodeling Cream?


    Our Perfect Profile Remodeling Cream is an everyday base product, that can be used on its own or before applying other products, day and / or night. Our Overnight “V” Mask is composed of two products that should be used together, once or twice a week. We do not recommend using Perfect Profile Remodeling Cream and Overnight “V” Mask together, instead use on alternative days.

  • Do I need to remove the "V" mask after application?


    The OVERNIGHT “V” MASK belongs to a new generation of masks which work while you sleep, it should not be tissued-off or rinsed-off like a common mask.

  • Can I apply the usual night cream after the mask, I have very dry skin?


    If you feel the need to apply your usual night cream on top of the mask you can do it, but this should only be done in the case of very dry skin conditions.

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