Aqua-Vitale Serum 24


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30 ml

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This is the most smooth serum I have ever tried. A lot of serums feel like too watery or like gel (after dry they even feel like working against my skin) or then lately also a lot serums are like oils. This is just the perfect texture very silky but not oily. It is packed with plant extracts I have checked. Want to try the cream from same line together with this should be perfect match.

falling in love with it

Today I going to speak about the Force Vitale Aqua-Serum 24, a product that I'm falling in love with it! It's perfect for my skin beacause it's very light and fresh. My kind of skin is oily ,but this product help me to do a good result without the bad effect of shiny skin. I like the dispenser through which I can decide how much amount of cream put on the finger and then spread it on his face. With four points of cream can spread the product well on the face and feel immediately a pleasant feeling of freshness that in the summer is definitely very comfortable. As usual, the packaging of the bottles of cream are beautiful: a sober look, but at the same time refined from the outset that arouses curiosity to try the product for the face. Force Vitale Aqua-Serum 24 I liked it much more than the first product that was sent to me by Swiss Derm, perhaps because it is more suitable for my kind of youthful skin. Thanks to Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 my skin is more relaxed and fresh! This product satisfied me and I hope to find it in the best shop in my town.

no sticky feeling & keeps my skin cool

Thank you Swiss line, I love you so much. Once again the true blue bottle of Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 is easy and pumped sufficient serum for me to use it daily morning and evening. Not only the refreshing smell invigorates my smell senses to perfection, it actually hydrates my skin moisturized enough to last throughout the day. Just after massaging the serum into my skin in 3 rounds of dabbing evenly all over my face, the serum actually absorbed deeply into my skin. No residue left and no sticky feeling at all, that's what really motivates me to use it everyday. I need no alarm calling to remind me that as I'm actually looking forward to smell it and provide sufficient moisture for my dehydrated skin. My skin is also glowing with hydration shine that looks smooth with healthy shine. I used to have very dry and dull skin outlook esp. in the afternoon when the sun shines like a flaming BBQ fire in my country Malaysia. Now, I only have to apply the Swiss line FV Aqua Serum 24 and finish it off with SPF50 from the sun with total confidence as it keeps my skin cool, smooth, healthy shiny and hydrated all day long. It's my must-have serum of the day now, love it today till tomorrow!

My face is radiant without shine

I love having the option of a botanical serum. I have used the product both day and night and love how it leaves my face feeling so soft, smooth and hydrated. My face is radiant without shine. It is quickly absorbed, pleasant smelling and feels great! My skin is often left dehydrated due to travel and climate/temperature changes. This product has relieved the dryness caused by changing conditions and is a keeper!

great summer product

I started using Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 at the beginning of June, and it was very fortunate for me. The weather was so hot, that I had to stop using my usual day cream – I could only use something extremely light and not oily. So this serum was the only thing that I applied on my face every morning (except eye cream). And I have to say that my skin feels great now – quite moisturized, yet not greasy and without any imperfections such as blemishes and so on. Skin is very smooth right after applying the serum, soft and very pleasant to the touch. I really like it and I’m glad I have this product for the summer time!

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Aqua-Vitale Serum 24

Aqua-Vitale Serum 24

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  • I read that this serum contains superfoods? How exactly do they benefit the skin?


    The efficaciousness of our Serum 24 is down to its plentiful antioxidants: rice, pomegranate, daily flowers, peonies and Niacinamide, a super vitamin from B complex. Antioxidants in this serum ward off free radical and reactive oxygen damage, which can lead to, among other undesirables, premature skin aging and skin cancer.

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