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A serum is a skincare product that you apply to your face after cleansing but before moisturizing. Serums contain high concentrations of active ingredients, thus making them perfect for targeting specific skincare concerns, such as dehydration, wrinkles, pore-size reduction, daily exposure to pollution.
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    • Luxury Ingredients

      The desire for exquisite high-quality luxury can be satisfied with high-end skincare. Cosmetic companies often launch new products with caviar, gold and marine collagen, as active ingredients. High concentrations mean visible results. Swissline’s Luxe-Lift Light Cream contains pure marine collagen, silk and colloidal gold.

      - Translated from German by Swissline

    • Gold Standard

      For pre-wedding beauty luxury, Swissline Luxe-Lift Overnight Balm is hard to beat. The rich gold balm promises firmer, brighter skin to give a well-rested look even amid the wedmin stress.

    • Booster for the skin

      In addition to daily skincare, serums contain highly-potent ingredients. The dual formula [in Swissline Cell Shock White Brightening Diamond Serum] contains real diamond clusters to counteract pigmentation spots and give the skin luminosity.

      - Translated from German by Swissline


      Acne products are hardly ever described as luxurious, but we feel comfortable applying the term to Swissline Force Vitale Aqua-Pure Clarifying Serum, an effective combo of exfoliating acids with agents to tackle problematic skin.

    • Most Innovative Brightening Serum

      Glowing like a diamond is possible with this luxurious serum. As luxurious as applying diamonds onto the skin, the new Cell Shock White Brightening Diamond Serum tackles uneven complexion, dark spots, blemishes and wrinkles. 

    • Force Vitale Mask

      Enzymatic exfoliating mask effectively clears the skin: papain removes dead skin cells, bisabolol and rosemary leaf extract address problematic skin, and the green tea leaf extract counteracts dullness.

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline

    • pure spa journey in a city oasis

      Qin The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai announced a partnership with Swissline. Starting from 2018, spa treatments at Qin The Spa will be completed with Swissline products. In addition, Swissline will tailor four new treatments for the Spa, guiding guests on a pure Swiss wellness journey. The collaboration marks the first partnership between a renowned 5-star hotel chain and a GLAMEDICAL Swiss brand.

    • Absolutely worth trying

      Brightening Diamond Serum: tried, tested and absolutely LOVED

    • Luxe Life

      If there was ever a right time to upgrade your skincare with new, high-end products, then the run-up to your wedding is it. Embrace exquisite ingredients, like diamond-infused Brightening Diamond Serum from Swissline, and watch your skin reap the rewards – all in time to glow on your big day.

    • Skin Rejuvenation

      Collagen gold collection from Swiss skincare brand Swissline provides a fast and effective skin rejuvenation thanks to the latest innovative formulas.

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline.

    • Noble and pure

      Swissline has created two successive tricks in its Brightening Diamond Serum - coordinated serums and diamond particles. The see-through serum makes the skin even, while pearlescent rose serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles and purifies the skin. Combined, the serums reduce the signs of aging and let the complexion shine.

      - Translated from German by Swissline.

    • A girls best friend

      We know that diamonds can make us giddy with excitement. But, what happens when they are pulverized, and we can apply them to our skin? This crystal-clear Diamond Serum is absorbed without a trace, leaving the skin looking smoother, healthier and firmer. Also not bad, right?

      - Translated from German by Swissline.

    • Best Anti-Aging Serum

      Get an instant face lift from this exceptional serum within minutes. Cellactel 2 Complex repairs skin functions while Polylift and Raffermine form an elastic film on the surface of skin to reduce the lines and wrinkles. Collagen fibres on skin are strengthened and the fully hydrated face is protected from urban stress.

      Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II

    • Bright skin

      Swissline’s innovative Cell Shock White collection offers solutions to fade dark spots, and unlike many other brands, addresses the reasons of skin pigmentation. Biomimetic peptide, Vitamin C and other antioxidants visibly brighten the skin and even out the entire complexion.

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline.

    • Works while you sleep

      The Cell Shock White Overnight Brightening-Power Cream is a nourishing and brightening cream that works at night, synchronized with the processes happening in our bodies while we sleep. It has a very soft texture and contains enzymes, active brightening ingredients and cellular bio-nutrients providing lifting and anti-wrinkle effect. It evens out skin tone, brightens and corrects undesirable pigmentation.

      - Translated from Russian by Swissline.

  • Doctors

    • Swissline’s skincare products, particularly those from the Age Intelligence line, can be used as part of a home-care, post-treatment regimen following injectables, laser treatments or chemical peels to aid in the recovery process.

    • At Clinic Lémanic we are always on the lookout for pioneering anti-aging solutions - whether its medical, surgical or aesthetic. Over the years we have worked with many Swiss skincare brands, and received particularly positive feedback from our clients about Swissline's advanced skincare products…they love the results, as well as the textures!

    • At the Burgenstock Resort we take a holistic approach to skincare, with medicine and cosmetics both playing an important role. An open dialogue between the dermatology department in the Waldhotel's Medical Center and the aestheticians in the Waldhotel Spa facilitates the best care for our guests. The spa treatment lines have been carefully selected to complement medical care. For example, Swissline's "Swiss Virtual Surgery" facial is particularly useful as part of a post-treatment regimen following a non-invasive procedure such as microdermabrasion, injectable fillers, laser or chemical peels, as key ingredients aid in the skin rejuvenation process.


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    • That feeling when you have diamonds on your face. This Diamond Serum is goals and yes, it has real diamonds in it.


    • When you can't decide which dress to take, but you already know which diamonds to wear: only those in my Brightening Diamond Serum by Swissline.


    • What you always see in my desert stories, my skin is still flawless. Yes, I’m blessed with a super pure skin, but sun, sand and wind are super exhausting for it either way. My new regenerator at this festival is Force Vitale Bloom Flash from Swissline and I can totally recommend it to you.

      Shared from Coachella Music and Arts Festival, California