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Nourishing Face & Eyes Cleanser - Dry, Mature Skin

120.00 USD

Gentle Soap-Free Cleanser – All Skin Types

95.00 USD

Gentle Alcohol-Free Soothing Toner – All Skin Types

95.00 USD

Generous Gel-Balm Cleanser - All Skin Types Except Sensitive

110.00 USD

Concentrated Bedtime Glow Toner - All Skin Types Except Very Sensitive
(9 reviews) 9 Review(s)

120.00 USD

Non-Oily Waterproof Makeup Remover – All Skin Types

75.00 USD

Active Anti-Blemish Toner – Combination / Oily Skin

90.00 USD

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Gentle Cleansers & Facial Toners for all Skin Types 

Cleansers and toners are essential AM and PM skincare products for basic and targeted skincare routines. At Swissline, our range of cleansers and toners incorporate active ingredients that won't strip your natural skin barrier to ensure your skin's pH is balanced. 

No matter what your skincare concern is, our range of cleansers and toners are formulated to help resolve your skin concerns. From toners that improve your skin's glow with glycolic acid and foaming cleansers formulated with vitamin C to promote natural exfoliation. Find the perfect intelligent cleansers and toners for your dry, oily, or sensitive skin with our skincare products. Shop online to find the right match for your skin's needs. 

The Role of Cleansers & Toners For Your Skin 

A gentle cleanser for your skin will help to remove oil, dirt, and other impurities that build up on your skin throughout the day. Using a cleanser daily will help boost your skin's cell turnover and prevent acne and other congestion, giving your skin a clear and glowing appearance. Toners, while only needing to be used in your PM routine, are essential for restoring hydration to your skin, which is essential to protect your skin's barrier. Facial toners will also help your skin to absorb other products and active ingredients deeply. Therefore, an intelligent facial toner is essential for your skin's hydration and the effectiveness of your other skin care products.  

Cleansers should be used at least once a day, but for better results, you should use them twice a day at the beginning of your routine. And don't forget about double cleansing, especially if you've been wearing makeup or a mask all day. On the other hand, toners can be used right after cleansing, one to two times a day. 

Browse our range of intelligent skin care products to achieve the glowing skin you've dreamed of. 

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