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Help the skin recover after microdermabrasion, injectables such as botox, chemical peels or laser treatments with after care products that boost the skin’s self-renewal.

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Soothing Face Serum For Skin In Need Of Recovery - All Skin Types
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Soothing Face Serum For Skin In Need Of Recovery - All Skin Types
(19 reviews) 19 Review(s)

256.00 USD

Advanced All-In-One Moisturizer - For Mature Dry Skin
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Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream - All Skin Types
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Soothing Concentrated Booster For Sensitive, Reactive Skin
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Feather-light UVA/UVB Urban Protection - All Skin Types

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3-Step Program For Skin In Need Of Recovery - For Mature Dry Skin

594.00 USD

Creamy Face Mask For Intense Hydration – All Skin Types
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160.00 USD

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Recovery skincare and soothing products

Continue to provide your skin with the resources needed to restore its youthful glow with the range of soothing recovery products from Swissline. If you’ve had an in-clinic skin treatment, the skincare formulation you use post-procedure ought to stay doctor-friendly with formulas that minimize inflammation arising from peelings, lasers, Botox, microdermabrasion and fillers. The formulas should also ideally extend and enhance the benefits.

When recovering from an in-clinic skin treatment a product that modulates your inflammatory responses is vital, such as that found in Peptides, Tranexamic Acid and Madecassoside. These ingredients will also work to reduce redness and soothe irritation.

Swissline Cellactel 2 Complex boosts cellular differentiation and renewal to lift and regenerate your skin. Finally, the key to enhancing the benefits of skin treatments and restoring your skin’s healthy glow is hydration. Not only does Ectoin provide your skin with luscious hydration, it also works to repair your skin’s protective barrier.

How to Choose the Best Post Recovery Products

The Swissline Cosmetics Restore & Recover Skincare Program has been produced to aid in your body’s natural recovery processes using three of our highest-performing products.

The Recovery Serum uses Cellactel 2 complex and amino acids to kickstart the renewal of irritated skin, Madecassoside to reduce inflammation and Ectoin for hydration. The Peace Booster uses vitamin B3 and tranexamic acid to strengthen your skin’s protective barrier as well as reduce redness. Finally, our Youth-inducing Cream leverages Peptides to restore your skin and provide hydration.

Whether you’ve undergone botox, laser treatments or microdermabrasion, a selection of aftercare products from Swissline Cosmetics will boost the effects garnered from the treatment as well as aid in a swift recovery. 

To further enhance your skincare regime, explore our range of products designed to target specific skin concerns.

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