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The passage of time can often be seen on our hands and neck. But, with our targeted luxury neck creams and hand creams, you can regenerate these delicate areas. Neck wrinkle and hand creams to suit all skin types.

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    cell shock

    This high-performance, silky gel-cream helps stimulate, regenerate and lift the fragile skin on the neck and décolleté. As it is absorbed it provides a distinct cooling sensation leaving the skin look as though it’s been resculpted. Key actives include Ginkgo Biloba extract and Caffeine, which together regenerate the skin and restore the tone; an...

    155.00 USD
    In Stock Lifting for neck and décolleté
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    cell shock age intelligence

    This restorative hand cream can be compared to an “invisible glove”. It shields and protects the skin from harmful environmental elements, abrasions, irritants and minor burns often linked to premature aging. Additionally, it boosts cellular renewal and maximizes the skin’s own self repair mechanism, increasing moisture levels and elasticity, and making...

    89.00 USD
    In Stock Smooth and supple hands
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    cell shock white
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    Invisible, lightweight sun protection in a water-resistant formula, offers UV protection that can be applied to all areas – face, neck & décolleté, hands – to prohibit sun-induced age spots. Light enough to mix into other moisturizers. Mineral oil and alcohol free.

    145.00 USD
    In Stock Invisible high UV protection
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