Dry Skin & Hydration

Deeply hydrate and nourish the skin with these moisture-rich products that will fade fine lines while restoring radiance. Products include hydrating creams, serums, masks and cleansers.

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Premium Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream With Collagen - For Dry Skin
(45 reviews) 45 Review(s)

269.00 USD

Premium Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum With Triple Collagen Complex - All Skin Types
(16 reviews) 16 Review(s)

298.00 USD

Daily Hydrating Face Cream With Madecassoside - Dry Skin
(16 reviews) 16 Review(s)

181.00 USD

Daily Serum For Healthy Skin - With Pre- And Probiotics - All Skin Types
(39 reviews) 39 Review(s)

174.00 USD

Concentrated Booster For Dehydrated Dull Skin - All Skin Types
(10 reviews) 10 Review(s)

113.00 USD

Hydrating Antioxidant Face Serum - For Dry / Dehydrated Skin
(5 reviews) 5 Review(s)

218.00 USD

Invigorating Satin-Smooth Mask - For Normal to Dry Skin
(4 reviews) 4 Review(s)

170.00 USD

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Ideal Skincare for Dehydrated Skin

The range of hydrating skincare products from Swissline have been designed to fight dry skin by reinforcing your skin’s protective barrier and adding endless hydration. Part of your skin’s protective barrier is made up of lipids - fats and oils which promote moisture retention. When this barrier is weakened, it can lead to dry, flaky and irritated skin, and what hydration your skin does have may evaporate.

Other factors that cause us to experience dry skin are environmental, such as harsh weather conditions and heating, which is another reason why it’s particularly important to ensure our skin’s defenses are primed to fight against these external factors. 

To combat dehydrated skin, it’s important to incorporate creams and serums that boost your skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This will help your skin to remain hydrated and protected against harsh environments. Ceramides and Squalane are also vital in enhancing moisture and improving your skin’s elasticity and resilience. 

Explore the Range of Skincare Products for Dry Skin

To help fight against dry, flakey skin, it’s important to have a skincare regime that specifically targets this skin concern. Our Source Booster Serum uses hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate your skin and restore its natural radiance. Pair with a hydrating face moisturizer such as our Smart Cream Rich which uses ATP, NMF, Ceramides and Squalane to reform your skin’s barrier function and boost overall hydration.

Deeply hydrate and nourish the skin with these moisture-rich products that will fade fine lines while restoring radiance.

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