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Fight impurities while soothing and smoothing the skin with these purifying oil control products.

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Active Anti-Blemish Toner – Combination / Oily Skin

90.00 USD

Daily Serum For Healthy Skin - With Pre- And Probiotics - All Skin Types
(39 reviews) 39 Review(s)

175.00 USD

Concentrated Bedtime Glow Toner - All Skin Types Except Very Sensitive
(9 reviews) 9 Review(s)

120.00 USD

Concentrated Anti-Blemish Booster - For Combination to Oily Skin

115.00 USD

Gentle Exfoliating Mask With Kaolin And Antioxidants - Oily, Problematic Skin
(7 reviews) 7 Review(s)

125.00 USD

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Perfect Skincare for Acne Prone Skin

For some, overactive sebaceous glands and an unbalanced skin microbiome can lead to blocked pores and skin that’s rough and shiny. This can also lead to regular acne breakouts. In order to combat this irritating and painful problem and to allow your skin to look fresh and shine-free, you need products that are specially formulated to reduce sebum secretion and clear away clogged pores.

Creams and serums that incorporate tree resins such as Enantia Chlorantha and Chios Pistacia Lentiscus are known for their ability to calm inflamed sebaceous glands which will balance overactive oil production. To further purify your skin, Salicylic acid is ideal for speeding up the exfoliation process and unclogging pores.

Once the skin’s microbiome is better balanced, incorporating a product containing Niacinamide will help to reduce pores that have been enlarged from excess oil production and reinforce your skin’s protective barrier.

Explore skincare products for oily skin

At Swissline we’ve developed a range of products to target oil build-up and purify the skin. 

Our oil-free Aqua-pure Clarifying Serum takes advantage of salicylic acid to unclog pores and inhibits sebum production. Use in conjunction with our Aqua-pure Mattifying Cream which incorporates a tree resin complex to reduce sebum secretion whilst purifying the skin.

Our Essential Serum will not only balance your skin’s sebum levels but will also strengthen your skin’s defenses.

Protect your skin from oil build-up and acne breakouts with the range of specially formulated skincare for oily and acne prone skin from Swissline Cosmetics.

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