Calm and soothe highly reactive skin – itchy, flushed, dry skin – with these nurturing products.

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Calming Rich Face Cream With Alpine Botanicals - Sensitive, Reactive Skin
(6 reviews) 6 Review(s)
190.00 USD
Super hydrating and energizing mask with a cooling and awakening effect - All Skin Types

185.00 USD

Soothing Serum With Calming Botanicals - Sensitive, Reactive Skin
(4 reviews) 4 Review(s)

150.00 USD

Soothing Concentrated Booster For Sensitive, Reactive Skin
(7 reviews) 7 Review(s)

115.00 USD

Soothing Face Serum For Skin In Need Of Recovery - All Skin Types
(19 reviews) 19 Review(s)

270.00 USD

Calming Rich Face Cream With Alpine Botanicals - Sensitive, Reactive Skin
(6 reviews) 6 Review(s)

190.00 USD

Creamy Face Mask For Intense Hydration – All Skin Types
(4 reviews) 4 Review(s)

170.00 USD

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Premium skincare for sensitive skin

The range of sensitive skin care products from Swissline is ideal for those who suffer from skin that is easily irritated, sore or inflamed. Sensitive skin can be caused by an immune overreaction, a loss of quality in your skin’s microbiome or fragile capillaries. By addressing these concerns, you can repair damage and restore your skin’s vitality.

When looking for skin care products that will soothe sensitive skin and repair damage, it’s important to incorporate products that include Niacinamide (vitamin B3) which strengthens and restores your skin’s barrier function. There are also a number of Swiss Alpine plants that we use for their antioxidant and purifying properties, while arnica, cypress and malt improve microcirculation.

To reduce inflammation and redness and soothe irritation, products developed with Tranexamic Acid and Madecassoside are perfect.

Explore the range of skincare for dry sensitive skin

When suffering from sensitive and irritated skin, It’s vital that you use a skincare regime tailor-made to soothe these irritations. Our Aqua-Calm Cream incorporates a host of calming botanicals to soothe reactive skin and reduce redness. Our Peace Booster is a soothing face serum that’s known to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin’s defenses by leveraging Niacinamide and Tranexamic Acid.

If you’re tired of suffering from red, irritated and itchy skin - explore the range of skincare products from Swissline Cosmetics that have been specially formulated for you.

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