Calm and soothe highly reactive skin – itchy, flushed, dry skin – with these nurturing products packed-full with antioxidants, botanicals and vitamins. Sensitive skin products with innovative Swiss formulas. Products include soothing creams, masks, lotions and skincare kits. 

Skin Benefit
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    force vitale
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    This moisturizing cream for sensitive skin brings together botanical soothers and anti-redness ingredients in a nurturing velvety soft paraben-free formulation. In addition, ceramides strengthen and improve the condition of fragile or stressed skins. The inclusion of aqua-green skin-friendly pigments create an optical color correction without any masking...

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    In Stock Calms Sensitive, Reactive Skin
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    cell shock age intelligence
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    REAL BEAUTY COMES FROM HEALTHThe name says it all… Essential. Absolutely necessary, can’t-live-without. An all year round formula, this serum maintains the skin’s beauty and balance, while strengthening its defenses. Our newest prodigy, it combines prebiotics and probiotics together with Madecassoside® and ATP to create the ultimate skincare maintenance...

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    In Stock Everyday serum for healthy skin
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    force vitale
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    The ultimate CC cream for all skin conditions including those sensitive and reactive conditions that tend to respond badly to other colored creams. It corrects, primes, protects, brightens, moisturizes, energizes and soothes the skin, while preventing oxidation and refining pores. It helps fortify sensitized skin suffering from a damaged barrier,...

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    In Stock Colour correction for sensitive skin
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    force vitale

    This soft, creamy mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it hydrates and soothes the skin. It is enriched with: Swiss Alpine botanical extracts; the luxurious “Milk” of the Iris Flower; and Cucumber extracts. Within minutes, signs of dryness and tightness vanish and the skin has a healthy glow.

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    In Stock Comfort and hydration
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    water shock

    This gentle, botanical, alcohol-free lotion soothes and smooths the skin, as it removes the last traces of make-up. It is suitable for all skin conditions, except very oily.  The lotion contains Prickly Pear Extract, known to soothe, reduce redness, and protect the skin; and the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) Complex, which consists of different...

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    In Stock Soothes and reduces redness
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    anti wrinkle creams and serums

    Not sure which product will work best for you? Try 30 different Swissline products in one set, and pick your favourite:Luxe-Lift Rich Cream, sample (3ml) Cell Shock 360° Anti-Wrinkle Serum, full size (30ml) Cell Shock Perfect Profile Remodelling Cream, deluxe mini (10ml) Cell Shock White Lightening Bi-Phase Veil, SPF 35, full size (45ml) Force...

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    In Stock Your ultimate trial set
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    uv protection

    Get the highest UVA / UVB protection for your skin with this set, containing: INVISIBLE BI-PHASE VEIL SPF 50 PA++AQUA-CALM CC CREAM SPF 30Offers saving of 10%.

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