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Deeply penetrating to deliver high concentrations of the right ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.

  • for oily skin
  • for dry skin
  • for sensitive skin
  • for normal skin
  • for very dry skin
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Premium Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum With Triple Collagen Complex - All Skin Types
(16 reviews) 16 Review(s)

300.00 USD

Premium "Face Lift" Serum - Mature Skin
(8 reviews) 8 Review(s)

265.00 USD

Advanced 6-Ampoule Program - Activates Self-Repair - Mature Skin
(5 reviews) 5 Review(s)

340.00 USD

Energizing Anti-Pollution Face Essence - All Skin Types
(8 reviews) 8 Review(s)

200.00 USD

Award-Winning Serum With REAL Diamond Clusters - All Skin Types
(30 reviews) 30 Review(s)

320.00 USD

Exfoliating Facial Essence With REAL Diamond Clusters - All Skin Types
(13 reviews) 13 Review(s)

200.00 USD

Soothing Face Serum For Skin In Need Of Recovery - All Skin Types
(19 reviews) 19 Review(s)

270.00 USD

Daily Serum For Healthy Skin - With Pre- And Probiotics - All Skin Types
(39 reviews) 39 Review(s)

175.00 USD

Concentrated Booster For Dehydrated Dull Skin - All Skin Types
(10 reviews) 10 Review(s)

115.00 USD

Concentrated Anti-Oxidant Booster For Fresher-Looking Skin - All Skin Types

115.00 USD

Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Booster - All Skin Types
(8 reviews) 8 Review(s)

115.00 USD

Soothing Concentrated Booster For Sensitive, Reactive Skin
(7 reviews) 7 Review(s)

115.00 USD

Concentrated Anti-Spot Booster For Even Skin - All Skin Types
(8 reviews) 8 Review(s)

115.00 USD

Concentrated Anti-Blemish Booster - For Combination to Oily Skin

115.00 USD

Hydrating Antioxidant Face Serum - For Dry / Dehydrated Skin
(5 reviews) 5 Review(s)

220.00 USD

Refreshing Oil-Free Serum With Hyaluronic Acid - For Normal / Combination Skin
(6 reviews) 6 Review(s)

185.00 USD

Soothing Serum With Calming Botanicals - Sensitive, Reactive Skin
(4 reviews) 4 Review(s)

150.00 USD

Professional Day And Night Ampoules For Immediate Skin Transformation - All Skin Types

98.00 USD

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Facial Essence & Serums 

Hydration is everything when it comes to looking after your skin and addressing particular skin concerns. Our range of serums and facial essences are the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated and to target more specific concerns. 

At Swissline, our concentrated water-based essences deliver hydration to the deep levels of your skin's epidermis. Our serums are formulated with various active ingredients to address all skin issues, from brightening to exfoliation. Browse Swisslines skin care products to find the perfect match for your needs. We have a range of products suitable for all skin types to provide soothing and hydrating products to your skincare routine. 

Serums & Facial Essences for Every Skin Concern 

While serums and essences may sound interchangeable, they play different roles in your skincare routine. Our range of essences are lightweight and fast absorbing, while our serums will take longer to soak into your skin they’ll provide long-lasting hydration. Serums and essences are used after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing and should always be applied to damp skin. We recommend using our range of serums and essences daily, with no more than two different face serums used daily. 

From our anti-wrinkle serum, which uses collagen and hyaluronic acid, to our recovery serum with amino acids for stressed skin, Swissline has a vast collection of intelligent serums and essences to align with your skincare concerns. Shop online to achieve glowing, youthful skin today. 

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