Our Story

The glamorous “Swiss Riviera,” along the shores of Montreux, is where our story begins.  It was here in 1952 that Dr. Alfred Pfister – a colleague of Dr. Paul Niehans, the inventor of Cellular therapy – founded Clinique Lemana, the renowned skin rejuvenation clinic, and developed the cellular extracts that later became the basis for the first Swiss line formulas.

Swiss line itself wasn’t launched until 1989 when the founder of the company, a Russian prince, acquired the exclusive rights to use the cellular extracts topically in the Swiss line formulas.


Over the years, the Swiss line products have evolved with the times and the animal extracts that were in the original cellular formulas have since been replaced with bio-tech botanical alternatives in what is now known as the Cellactel 2 Complex. However, Swiss line’s clinical origins, the very foundation of the brand, are as relevant today, as ever.


In Switzerland, Swiss line is exclusively available via a golden circle of luxury anti-aging medical clinics and medi-spas in 5* hotels. The locations have been selected so doctors are on site to offer their clinical input and advice, if needed, while women can indulge in absolute luxury.


A mixture of science and glamour, or as we like to say GLAMSCIENCE… Swiss line is serious enough to convince doctors, yet alluring enough to seduce women.

Our close relationship with Clinic Lémanic, an internationally renowned leader in aesthetic techniques, supplies Swiss line the advantage of direct insights into the latest pioneering and innovative approaches to anti-aging.

The brand is presently distributed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Canada.

Read more about our patented technologies and ingredients that make our products so effective.

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